The 4 Best Stock Photo Websites for Women Of Color

updated: 12/11/17

Since starting my blog and business I've noticed that there is a giant GAPING hole in the market when it comes to stock photos for women of color. Actually, strike that...PEOPLE of color...MEN, CHILDREN, annnnddd WOMEN!  So firstly, I'm looking at you photographers! If you want to fill a niche that isn't already saturated, stock photography for people of color is where it's at! And when I say "people of color", I'm not just talking about African Americans, the lack exists for every minority group.  

Thankfully, there are a handful of amazing companies that have realized that we DO exist and that we ARE entrepreneurs and small business owners who have the dollars to spend and the need (desperate need) for quality stock photography. 

Stock Photo Websites for Women of Color

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1. Haute stock* | $99 for 3 months or $299 per year

*Formerly Haute Chocolate


Haute Stock may seem very familiar to you because 90% of the stock photography on my website is from this site.  There's nothing to hate about this (except maybe the price) and EVERYTHING to love! But you know what, I don't even care about the price because it's absolutely worth it! Rachel, the owner of Haute Stock, has done an absolutely fantastic job of curating a stock photo collection that feels cohesive, feminine, and all encompassing. From flat lays to color coordinated food photography,  it's all here!  

If you're just starting out with your website or business and you want to get your brand up and running quickly while still looking professional and well branded, then I can't recommend Haute Stock enough! 

2. Color U Bold | $20/mth, $45/3 mths, $95/yr


I discovered Color U Bold when Jasmine, the owner, was just starting out.  She had an amazing $25 for a full year deal that I just couldn't pass up and I'm so glad I jumped on it! Each month, Jasmine's stock photography continues to improve and impress me! She's got everything from already styled and ready to go social media graphics to "make your own" styled flatlays.  

3. Create HER | $7 per month


So, I'm gonna be honest and say that I have mixed feelings about CreateHER and the reason is because their flatlays leave A LOT to be desired. There's something about their composition and use of light that just isn't quite on par with Haute Chocolate or Color U Bold...yet! BUT, what they lack in those areas, they totally make up for in their lifestyle photography, especially when it comes to natural hair photography. There are so many beautiful pictures of women of color with all hair types and textures.  

For $7 per month, I definitely would recommend you give CreateHER a try for any of your lifestyle or service based content.

4. PicNoi | Free or $49.99 to download all pictures


I recently discovered PicNoi and I am really digging their style.  Their website is a collection of photography from several different photographers and the most amazing thing is that all of their photos are FREE for both personal and commercial use! Their lifestyle & editorial photography is absolutely gorgeous but, if you're looking for stylized, mockups, and business photography, this isn't really the place. 

I hope that I've given you a good place to start in your search for Brown Girl Friendly stock photos. While the choices continue to be limited, the options that do exist are quality companies producing beautiful content.  If you know of any other sites that I should try, please comment below, I'm always on the lookout for more!