Why You Should DEFINITELY Include Your Pricing On Your Website

"Should I include my pricing on my website?" I see this question come up several times each week in various Facebook groups and my answer is always "yes".  Those who do not include their service pricing often use the reasoning that they don't want to turn people off from at least having a conversation with them. And, while I understand that logic, I'll be honest in the fact that, I think it's flawed.  So...here are my reasons why you should DEFINITELY include your pricing on your website.

Why you should definitely include your pricing on your website.


It narrows down your Ideal Client

My HOPE is that you've thought long and hard about your ideal client avatar. You've given them a name, you know what they do, what they love, even what they look like...and you DEFINITELY know what their budget is for the types of services you provide.  The fact is, everyone has a budget and, while there's a Virtual Assistant for almost any budget but, YOU will not be the right person for everyone's budget and that's ok.  

If your ideal client is a seasoned online business owner with a list size in the thousands and two successful course launches under their belt, they may be able to pay your $5000 price tag for a ConvertKit Migration.  A one-year-in blogger who just hit her first 1000 subscribers and wants to upgrade from MailChimp to ConvertKit may not be quite ready to pay your price point.  And there's nothing wrong with that.   But, as a blogger, I've been on the other end of that phone call where I'm super vibing with a potential contractor and then we start to talk about fees...and my heart sinks, because, as much as I LOVE them, I can't afford them. #sad

Bottom line is that, by putting at least a "starting at" price on your website you're also narrowing down who you're marketing to and THAT will help save you lots of wasted time on the phone with people who just aren't a good fit for you as well as set realistic expectations for those that you DO get on the phone with.

It eliminates unnecessary back and forths with clients.

You will save yourself so much wasted time on back and forths via email, FB Messenger, and carrier pigeon by just putting your prices on your website.  You may also find that, by making your pricing clear, you'll actually end up booking MORE consultations.  I've heard from many business owners who say that, they often bypass sites that don't have pricing because they have no idea what to expect and just assume that the person is outside of their budget. OR, they don't have the time to jump through the hoop of having to email or FB Message them to ask "how much do you charge for FB Ads?" Make sense?

I hope that this insight into how adding your pricing benefits both you AND your potential clients will help you going forward! Let me know in the comments if you plan on including your pricing on your website. :)





Latasha Booth