3 Mindset Shifts Virtual Assistants Must Make In Order to Be Successful and In Love With Their Businesses.

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I’ll admit that, when I first started my online business as a Virtual Assistant almost 3 years ago, I had never seriously thought about “mindset work” or “money blocks” or any of it. To be honest, it all felt kinda woo woo to me and one thing I was definitely NOT, was woo!  -- In fact, to this day, I still tell people to this day that I’m now only “woo with one o!” haha!

But as my business started to grow and I started charging more and working with more high profile clients, many deep seeded beliefs about money, my self worth and my personal capacity for success started coming up.  And when I got my biggest client ever, at the time, and immediately said to my husband “I’m not worth all that money!” #ouch! I knew I had some work to do.  

Now, whether you consider it woo or not, mindset work is real and a complete necessity to building a successful business.  An abundant mindset isn’t something you just need to focus once and be done, it’s a habit and practice that needs to be cultivated every day. And making it a habit right from the beginning of your business will create so much more ease as you grow. 

Think of mastering your mindset as mental weight lifting.  If you want to pick up a 100lb weight, you don’t just head to the gym and pick it up. You train for it so that, when the time is right to pick up that 100lbs, you’re ready. You’ve already got the tools and done the preparation to be successful.  

So let’s discuss the 3 Mindset Shifts Virtual Assistants Must Make in Order to be Successful and In Love With Their Businesses.

1. Employee to Business Owner

Have you ever said or thought either of these?...

“She said she’ll pay me $x.xx”

“I have an interview with him next week.”

If you have then chances are you’re still thinking like an employee, NOT like a business owner. This is so totally normal. Most of us, myself included, have worked a traditional 9-5 most of our lives and are used to being told what we’ll get paid and whether we’re the right first for the job.

But the first step in success as a business owner is realizing that you are not your client’s employee. You are now a business owner and a strategic partner in your clients businesses. You work with your clients not for your clients and they are not your boss. 

Stepping into a business owner mindset begins with stepping into the role of captain. On discovery calls that means understanding that this is not an interview but rather a time for both you and the client to see if you fit each other’s needs.  Additionally, the client is coming to you for support so you are the one in charge of the conversation. This shift is a hard but necessary one.

Mindset Practice Tip:

When people ask you “what do you do?” Answer with “I’m the Founder/CEO/Owner of a Virtual Assistant Business.” instead of “I’m a Virtual Assistant”. The former takes ownership as the business owner while the latter does not.

2. Lack vs. Abundance

“But there are soooo many Virtual Assistants out there! Every time I go to respond to a Facebook post looking for a VA, 60 people have already responded before me!”

“All of these VAs in other countries are charging such low rates, there’s no way I can compete!”

Sound familiar? Yup, I thought so! Here’s the bottom line. There are a lot of VAs out there and they are not your competition. This is you vs. you 100%!

Your ideal clients are out there looking for you.  So, instead of saying, “but I’m not as good as someone else,” try “I’m the best person for this client, for this position.” Focusing on the negatives or comparing yourself to other Virtual Assistants doesn’t allow you to open yourself up to the opportunity of success. 

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When you come into a discovery call or write a proposal email already believing that you’re not going to get the job, there’s a different energy and air there and your potential client can definitely feel that!  And, if you’re already blocking clients from finding you because you’re worried about not being good enough, they definitely won’t be able to find you.

Make the mindset shift that you have something amazing to offer your clients and they are out there looking for you. Use your Virtual Assistant Superpower to find your strengths and the clients who need you. Take confidence in the fact that not everyone starts off being amazing at everything. It gives you the opportunity to grow and learn along the way, and to find what works and share it with the world.

Mindset Practice Tip:

Before getting on your next discovery call, take a few minutes to visualize working with that client. Then, once on the call, use future tense when talking about working together. Example- “When we’re working together, I’ll send you an email every Monday to make sure we’re on the same page.”

3. Money Is A Dirty Word vs Money Is Possibility

#VulnerablePost. I struggle big time with money mindset.  I came from a family that wasn’t great with budgeting and financial planning.  We were solidly middle class and always had enough...but just enough. And so, that’s what I’m used to. In my business, that has manifested as, if I have an extra $1000 that’s not earmarked for anything, I immediately start figuring out ways to spend it. This was no longer working for me. It wasn’t making me feel good about money or wealth and so, I’ve been doing some major work on changing my money story.

The first step was to stop saying to myself and others “I’m bad with money”.

The second was to decide that I wanted to become a person who not only made a lot of money but also had a lot of money. -- yup, there’s a difference!

And the third was to give myself permission to want more for yourself and settle into the belief that, that was ok.

We all have our own baggage with money. We all have our own money stories.  For some of us, we’ve been told that rich people are greedy, or money is the root of all evil. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to believe that story any longer. You don’t have to play it safe. 

Making money, spending money, and having money is not meant to make us feel dirty, disappointed or afraid. Having money creates possibility -- the ability to say “yes” and “no” to things purley because you want to and not out of financial need or obligation. And that should make you excited, grateful and inspired. You can make money on your terms and by doing something that lights you up. Make the mindset shift that making money is a positive thing.

Mindset Practice Tip:

Take $100 out of the bank and put it on your desk or in your wallet and don’t spend it. Allow yourself to rejoice in the fact that money is all around you. [Don’t have $100? No worries, use a $50, or a $20 or a $5! The denomination isn’t the point.]



Yay! You’re starting your Virtual Assistant business, ready to get clients and take on the world. This is an exciting time for you! Don’t forget to take a look at what’s important to you, what your needs are, and how you define your goals from there. It’s okay to want more than you currently have and important to make the mindset shifts necessary to achieve that.