How To Increase Your Earning Potential By Tapping Into Your Virtual Assistant Super Power

Looking to Increase your earning potential as a Virtual Assistant? I’m going to show you how to differentiate yourself in the market by learning advanced skills and becoming the go to person in the industry.

When people pop into my inbox to ask me a question about growing their Virtual Assistant business, they usually have one of two questions.

Question 1: How do I find clients?

We won’t be answering that question today but, if you’d like some help with that, check out podcast Episode 10: How She Stood Out and Episode 11: How She Created A Social Media Strategy That Generates Leads.  Both guests on those episodes laid out amazing lead generation and visibility plans that can be used at any point in your VA journey.

Question 2: How do I charge more?

This is the question I’ll be answering today.  When most people become a virtual assistant, they start off offering general administrative services.  This makes sense since they’re just starting out and may be unsure of what they want to offer and who they want to offer it to (their ideal client). However, the reality is that, since there’s such a low barrier to entry in the virtual support work; meaning you can wake up on a Monday morning, decide you’re going to become a Virtual Assistant Monday afternoon and have yourself a business Facebook page up and running Monday night, the world of “general admin” can be a crowded one.  But wait! Don’t stop reading now and decide to go fulfill your destiny as a Starbucks Barista! I said the world of general admin is a crowded one but above that is only sky, space, and opportunity.

So how do we become a highly sought after Virtual Assistant who can easily find higher paying clients who are ready to buy? We increase our earning potential by tapping into our VA Superpower (and I bet you’ve got one even if you don’t know it yet).

The term “Virtual Assistant” has become a catch all for anything that’s done online.

Let me tell you a little story. Over the last year, there have been several times I’ve put out a job post for a Virtual Assistant, one time, I was looking for a Pinterest VA, another time, I was looking for a Graphic Designer VA who knew Squarespace well, yet another time I was looking for an “Admin Right Hand In Chief” and, most recently, I was looking for a VA who worked extensively in Infusionsoft.

Here are the real number of applications and/or responses I received to my job postings:

Pinterest VA- 11

Graphic Design VA- 8

Admin Right Hand In Chief- 85

Infusionsoft VA- 3

See anything interesting? The one that read “admin” received the most while the others that required advanced skills received far fewer. Why is that? I know the answer but my honesty might make you a bit mad? Ok, I’m gonna tell you anyway.

In my experience, I’ve found that Virtual Assistants sometimes (read often) want to take the easy road rather than the one that takes a big longer but gives them the bigger payout. I’ve often found that VAs often don’t want to pay for learning and would much rather go to Google University. #OUCH!

>> Take The Quiz: What’s Your Income Increasing Superpower? <<

Unfortunately, this is the very thing that is limiting their true earning potential and creates such a high turn over rate in the VA world. VAs enter with hopes on making a ton of money and realize that, their limited skillsets means tons of competition (often with others who are charging pennies for their services) so they quickly move on to something else.

Now there’s a part of this that I totally get. You became a VA because you lost your job or are saving up while you work full time so that you can leave your 9-5 and stay home with the kids and there’s not much disposable income laying around. Totally understandable, but I know very few Fortune 500 Company CEOs who don’t have advanced degrees or training. So, leading from their example, if we want to make the cheddar, we gotta invest a little cheese. (Tasha, that doesn’t make sense, what does that even mean??!).  

It means, there will be programs and platforms that you can’t fully learn my Googling it. You’ll need to roll up your sleeves, head over to, LinkedIn Learning, or the awesome Pinterest Course by that Pinterest Guru you follow, pay the money and do the work.  

It also means that you’ll have to stop being a jack of all trades and become master of a few.

Got it? We good now? You hate me? So sorry, but the truth sometimes hurts. Ok, so, now that we’re ready to invest a bit and become super hero support pros, how do we decide what our speciality will be? Easy, we tap into our already present super powers.  Whether you know it or not, you’re already pretty amazing at some things that are easily transferable skills.

If you’re not exactly sure what your super power might be, check out the quiz below that I created for you. It’s only 10 questions and will take you all of 1-2 minutes.  But you’ll get a full breakdown explaining how your ninja skills can translate into a number of different virtual support roles and a downloadable pdf outlining 18 income increasing online support positions that you should consider.

So what’s the bottom line to how we tap into our potential and increase our earnings as a Virtual Assistant?

1: Figure out your superpower.

Take the quiz and tap into what you’re naturally gifted at.

2: Decide on your speciality.

Try out a few specialities and see what you actually enjoy doing. Trust me, if you only make it your speciality because someone told you that people pay a lot for it, that’s not a big enough “why,” and eventually, the money won’t matter if you hate doing it.

3: Learn & Earn.

Take the time to become excellent at the service you’re offering by investing both time and money on learning the platform or service.  Become known as the go to person in the industry for that service.

4: Play the name game.

Sadly, classifying yourself as a Virtual Assistant often reads as “pay them less” for some potential clients. So, consider changing your title to something that better screams specialist. Examples: Automation Strategist, Bookkeeper, Online Business Manager.

Follow these steps, give yourself time to cultivate your talent and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your earnings and attracting more ideal clients.