4 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant like...YESTERDAY!

Reasons You need a Virtual Assistant

Entreprenuers and Online Business Owners are a special bunch! We try to do it all and, like Wonder Woman, we often times succeed.  However, there comes a time in our business journey where we just can't do it anymore. Either we burn out, feel like we're spinning our wheels, or we just don't have the skill set for something that needs to get done.  And that's where a Virtual Assistant steps in.  A VA is a great resource for Small Business Owners who need the support but aren't ready to put someone full time (or part time) on their payroll.  Virtual Assistants can help walk beside you in your business and aid you in growth that you only dreamed about. Here are the top 4 reasons why hiring a Virtual Assistant may be right for you.


1 | Social Media Scheduling is black hole that is literally eating your soul.

I have never, NOT ONCE, in all my time being a Virtual Assistant, Online Business Owner, and Blogger heard ANYONE say, "I LOVE scheduling my social media!!!"  It's just not a thing that people say! And the reason is because it's time consuming...more than time consuming. It's like the super creepy tunnel scene in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (yes!...yes it is!) And while you're stuck in Buffer, CoSchedule, Hootsuite, Latergram or one of the other 10,000 schedulers (let's be honest, AFTER spending 6 months finding a scheduler you actually LIKE), you're thinking about the 5 million other things on your to do list.

The reality is that Social Media is a necessary and important part of growing a business. However, it's also a part of your business that's easily delegated to someone else- your Virtual Assistant. A good VA is going to get to know your business. They're going to ask questions about your business' brand, target audience, colors, fonts, inspirations etc. Then, they'll do research on hashtags, keywords, etc. And from that information, they'll be able to craft social media posts that target your core demographic and grow an engaged and captive audience. Where you then come in and WOW that captive audience with your awesome products and/or services.

2 | You have a to do list for your to do list that you put umm...somewhere...

"to do- find to do list"

The other night, I was on a weekly phone call with a client and she said, "Tasha, I've been trying to convince all of my small business owner friends that they NEED you because what you've created in my life are systems, solutions, and accountability" ...first of all #wow! That feels so great to hear that, that's what I've been for her and her business but secondly #YES! That's exactly who I want to be! 

Virtual Assistants are all about making your life easier and part of doing that for you and your business is creating systems and automating processes so that your business begins to run as smooth as a newborn babies...well, ya know! But the point is, a Virtual Assistant can help you gather all that you do into a big crazy pile and then begin to bring order to that pile.

Each week I meet with all of my clients either via, phone, Skype, email or a combination thereof and ask them the same question "What are the top 3 things we're working on this week?"...not 5...not 12...not 17...3!  Part of my job as a Virtual Assistant is helping my clients gain clarity as to what's truly important to the success of their business and what really needs their attention. And then helping them accomplish those tasks.

3 | You've googled the questions... 

"how much sleep does a person really need during a course launch?"

"how do I do everything related to an online business?"

If you're either starting from absolute scratch or working on a super huge and multilayered project like a course launch then you need more than one pair of hands! Sure, you could start this whole thing alone and pull yourself up by your bootstraps...plenty of people have! But that's going to take you lots of frustrated hours on Google and lots of wasted time that could be spent on retaining new clients.  Same thing with a product, course, or book launch...

The other day, I had a new client prospect call and the, now client, was telling me how she has this check list from a "course launch guru" but it felt that each step had 10 steps within it. Yup, that's exactly how launches go. There aren't 10 Steps To A Successful Launch...there are 300! 

A Virtual Assistant will lay it all out for you, help you create a strategy for success and then be there to, once again, do the things that you can easily delegate. You DON'T need to be customizing your website...you DO need to be writing content for said website. You DON'T need to be designing pretty course slides...you DO need to be creating course curriculum.  

4 | You've lost all your mojo... 

You're spending so much mental bandwidth on things like Pinterest and email sequences that you're burned out and aren't getting to do what you love...the very reason WHY you started your business!

Having a Virtual Assistant is about freeing up the space in your day to do the part of your business that made you start a business in the first place. THAT'S your wheelhouse! THAT'S the thing that only you can do! And when you're free to do that, you thrive, your business thrives and isn't that what this is all about?

If you're reading this right now saying "awww man, I need a Virtual Assistant", contact me. I'd love to talk to you, learn more about your business, and figure out where I might be able to help.  If you already have a VA or are a VA, comment below and tell me some other reasons why VAs are a necessity for any small business owner.

Latasha Booth