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3 Mindset Shifts Virtual Assistants Must Make In Order to Be Successful and In Love With Their Businesses.

I’ll admit that, when I first started my online business as a Virtual Assistant almost 3 years ago, I had never seriously thought about “mindset work” or “money blocks” or any of it. To be honest, it all felt kinda woo woo to me and one thing I was definitely NOT, was woo!  -- In fact, to this day, I still tell people to this day that I’m now only “woo with one o!” haha!

But as my business started to grow and I started charging more and working with more high profile clients, many deep seeded beliefs about money, my self worth and my personal capacity for success started coming up.  And when I got my biggest client ever, at the time, and immediately said to my husband “I’m not worth all that money!” #ouch! I knew I had some work to do.  

Now, whether you consider it woo or not, mindset work is real and a complete necessity to building a successful business.  An abundant mindset isn’t something you just need to focus once and be done, it’s a habit and practice that needs to be cultivated every day. And making it a habit right from the beginning of your business will create so much more ease as you grow. 

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