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How To Increase Your Earning Potential By Tapping Into Your Virtual Assistant Super Power

How do I charge more?

This is the question I’ll be answering today.  When most people become a virtual assistant, they start off offering general administrative services.  This makes sense since they’re just starting out and may be unsure of what they want to offer and who they want to offer it to (their ideal client). However, the reality is that, since there’s such a low barrier to entry in the virtual support work; meaning you can wake up on a Monday morning, decide you’re going to become a Virtual Assistant Monday afternoon and have you business Facebook page up and running Monday night, the world of “general admin” can be a crowded one.  But wait! Don’t stop reading now and decide to go fulfill your destiny as a Starbucks Barista! I said the world of general admin is a crowded one but above that is only sky, space, and opportunity.

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5 Tech Tools I Use To Run My Virtual Assistant Agency

When you’re first setting up your VA business, you want to make sure that clients or potential clients can do the following:

  • learn about your services

  • book an appointment with you

  • sign contracts & invoices

Once they become clients, you’ll want something that lets you:

  • communicate with your clients (and eventually with your team)

  • stay organized & manage projects

So, let’s spend a bit of time talking about the 5 Tech Tools I use to run my business.

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