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“Working with the Launch Guild has redeemed my experience with launches. I used to be stressed, overwhelmed, push back deadlines and fear everything breaking on the technical side. The Launch Guild walked me through the process, enlisted help from my time, gave us a timeline and took the fear of technical difficulties off my plate. I was freed up to use my creative gifts in my business to build content for my audience. Hiring the Launch Guild was one of the best business decisions in 2019. I loved them so much it was hard to let them go when our project ended. If you're considering launching a course or membership, the Launch Guild is a definite must!”

- kate ahl, CEO of simple pin media

"Working with Tasha was a pleasure! There seemed to be no task, big or small, that she and her team weren't ready to take on for me, often with rapid turn around. Especially when it came to launching and producing the first season of my podcast, I had Tasha and her very capable squad of copy writers, graphic designers, and editors taking care of the minutia that could have overwhelmed my already packed schedule if I didn't have her team on hand. Tasha is an excellent collaborator, seamlessly integrating to existing teams and ready to recommend highly qualified people (on her team or not!) to fill gaps when needed. I highly recommend her services!"

- Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, Founder of See Jane Invest



Working with Tasha and her team has given me RESULTS, and the support I need to scale my business and take it to the next level. Before working with The Launch Guild, I was struggling to launch my first product, and frustrated by other teams that were unreliable and needed to be micro-managed. Tasha and her team are a breath of fresh air! They work together like a well oiled machine, and their knowledge of business is nothing short of impressive. With their help, my first launch brought in almost $5k in just 3 days! Best yet? I felt relaxed, knowing that Tasha and the team had my back during the process. TLG is a MUST for every future launch! Having Tasha's team as your team is my secret weapon for success!“  

 - Jessica Lee, CEO of JL Media

“I got a suggestion from Facebook to connect with the Launch Guild when I posted about needing some help. Honestly, I only checked out their website for a few minutes before I made the decision to work with them. That was a good decision! Their areas of expertise were exactly what I needed to finally launch the business I had been working on (on my own) for years, After The Affair. I would say that they really excel in clear communication and use simple technology to bring together what feels like a close knit team. I felt like I went from a one-woman team of never-ending, overwhelming work to a team of bad ass women who don’t have “I can’t” in their vocabulary.“  

 - melissa davis, FOUnder of after the affair

Melissa Davis

C. Rene Washington

“Working with Tasha and her team has given me the push I needed to put myself on a schedule and work proactively instead of wearing myself out in the scatterbrained lane. Before working with TLG, I was uber stressed and working around the clock. Now I’m much more relaxed, spending time on what I love about my business…client work, instead of tasks that take me three times as long as TLG to complete. Plus their work product is stellar. Having her team on your team is BOSS move investment to take your business to the next level!“  

 - C. René Washington, Master Life Coach

“I loved working with Tasha and her team. Not only were they creative, efficient and time-efficient, Tasha brought her expertise to every call and meeting. My website and collateral material are professional and the design, colors and layouts are an extension of my brand. Tasha made the process simple and easy and I was grateful for her patience as she taught me about the many ways I could amplify my business. Without reservation, I would recommend Tasha for any person trying to take their business to the next level.“  

 - wendy van besien, Resilience Coach

Wendy Van Besien

Sarah Fox

“The professionalism of The Launch Guild is unparalleled. Not only do things get done on time, but they are done even better than I could imagine. The Launch Guild has an amazing way of making your processes more efficient and saving you money (they helped me find the cheapest scheduler for my company). Their work is thorough, and they are so kind. The Launch Guild is a true joy to work with. I can't recommend them enough!“  

 - Sarah Fox, CEO of the Bookish Fox

“Being a brand new entrepreneur, I did not have a clue what I needed. Not only did I get business savvy advice, I got a caring team that was truly interested in my success! I went from the corporate world to starting my own coaching business and they were instrumental in getting me launched. They genuinely care and I really enjoy the energy and vibe that all team members radiate. My kind of peeps!! The fact that they can handle all aspects of support is great, especially as a new business owner. My experience has been top notch. Really could not have done it without Tasha’s team and I am very grateful.“  

 - wendy lee, Founder of LeadHERship Revolution™

Wendy Lee

Nichole Stoler

The minute I began working with Tasha and her team, it felt like a boulder had been taken off of my back. Now I was the one being “project managed,” and while this led to a lot of work, I was so relieved to have an experienced team handling technical details, offering guidance and holding me accountable.“  

 - nichole stoler, Co-founder of the richer geek

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