You’re Ready To Become A Commander Virtual Assistant

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Because you’re a bridge between those who are outgoing and those who are introverted, those who are disorganized and those who are organized, you’d make a fantastic integrator!  Integrators are managerial support roles that help the CEOs do all the things. You’re able to see the big picture and then break it down into smaller, bite sized pieces.

DO-ing all the work may not be where your gift’s shine. Managing and collaborating with a larger team could be super fun for you. Think more conductor and less violinist. This way, your social butterfly side would get fed as well as your work alone desires.  

Learning a million systems may not be your jam so, Instead of always getting into the nitty gritty details of how every system operates,  you, as an integrator, can stay looking at the higher level picture.

Other Support Pro Roles That May Also be a Great Fit For You:

  • Online Business Manager

  • Project Manager

Check out this podcast episode of the How She Did That Podcast which highlights how I started out as a Virtual Assistant.