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Join The next Party on Saturday, February 24th 1-5pm EST.


Let's Get this Party Started!

Who is this for?

Business owners who are lacking TWO very important ingredients needed to grow their business...the TIME and FOCUS to work ON their business!

You spend day in and day out working IN your business. Serving clients and creating products.  But you find yourself lacking the focused time needed to frankly, get S%*T done!

What is this?

It’s half a work day (4 hours) where you’ll have focused time to do what you know needs to get done but still have been well..not doing.

Plan out your content, batch those blog posts, create that email sequence, outline the new course, write the sales page, reconcile the books.

Whatever it is you NEED to do. You’ll have 4 focused hours to do it.

Question...won’t I get bored? Distracted? Disinterested?


NO!  I’ve worked long and hard on creating a schedule that works WITH you.  I’ve thrown in Pomodoro Sessions (time blocks to work, work, work, work, work (you sang the Rhianna lyrics didn't you?! ), Q & A Strategy sessions where you can bounce ideas off of others in the group, and even a potty break!

Question: Why would I come to this this when I can just work on my own any time I wanted to?


Well, frankly, if you could do it on your own, it would be done by now. Am I right? don’t have to admit it out loud but we both know I’m soooo totally right! This isn’t just about getting it done but more so about getting it done strategically, and with the support and accountability of others around you.  

How do I sign up?

Right Here My Friend...