You’re a ROCKSTAR at Instagram! 

Facebook? Other than the constantly changing Algorithm, you so got this…  

Enter Pinterest...Umm….What??!! Isn’t that just for recipes?

But, here’s how it normally goes… 


Step 1: People tell you that Pinterest is awesome for business.

Step 2: you say “cool, that sounds great!”  

Step 3: You create a new board on your personal account, repin some of your Instagram photos to said board, and then wait for the traffic to roll in. And then...

Step 4: ...wait for it ... wait for it ... 

Step 5: crickets!

What did you do wrong? !  

Were your friends lying?  


They don’t have to be BUT, you do NEED to know that 

Pinterest is NOT Facebook, Pinterest is NOT Instagram, Pinterest is Pinterest! 

And it’s a whole different ball game!  

But once you’ve unlocked the secret sauce to making it work...hold on to your pantaloons because here comes awesomeness!!

Latasha Booth is the Queen of Pinterest! I was hovering at 45 followers for way too long. Latasha took a look at my boards, assessed the areas in need of attention, and offered her suggestions. I implemented them and within a day, the numbers began increasing. In a month’s time I went from 45 to 1.7k followers, with the numbers growing daily. Latasha is magic and knows her stuff. I highly recommend her.”

— Retreat From Stress| Dr. Terry Segal
“As a long-time blogger and mom of four, I hired Tasha to help me grow my audience via my Pinterest presence. I simply didn’t have the time or talent to do it myself. Since we started working together, my average daily impressions on Pinterest have grown by 69%, my average daily views by 51%, and my follower increase is 56%. Tasha has helped me create balance in my work-home life: exactly what I’ve needed!”

— Rachel Garlinghouse,

Yup! THAT’S Pinterest for Business and I’m going to show you how to turn it into Pinterest Perfected!  


✔ Generating new leads daily on autopilot

✔ No longer wasting time trying to learn it all on your own

✔ Actually have a STRATEGY for attracting the RIGHT audience

✔ Easily attracting your IDEAL client to your website

✔ Knowing EXACTLY the type of content that leaves your audience wanting more and ready to click!

✔ Watching your Pinterest Growth produce real website traffic 

And THAT’S how Pinterest for Business becomes Pinterest Perfected!

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Pinterest Perfected Is A 6 Week LIVE Done WITH You Course

That's right! You'll get the accountability and support of participating in a LIVE class each week where you'll be able to ask questions, receive feedback and get actionable steps to take to improve your Pinterest game week after week!

Can't make a session? No worries, each lesson is recorded so that you can watch it again and again or catch up on whatever you may have missed!


Week 1: Setting Up Your Pinterest for Business Account & Creating Boards That Attract Your ICA

Still have a personal Pinterest Account and think that'll do? Umm...#nope! I'll show you how to change over your account to business and set up nifty things like Rich Pins so that your content stands out in the Pinterest Smart Feed!

Just like in your last relationship...it's not about you...it's about them! We'll answer the question "Who are you trying to attract?" And learn how to create boards that bring in your ideal client and, most importantly, click through to read more of your amazing content!


Week 2: Make Your Pins POP!  

Can I get an "SEO Amen?!" Just like the Grand Poo-Bah of them all, Google, Pinterest runs on keywords and search engine optimizaton (SEO). You'll learn how all the cool kids optimize their pins so that they're SEEN and clicked!

AND, I'll teach you how to easily create beautifully branded Pins that POP! 


Week 3: Group Boards

We're better together and Pinterest is HUGE on community. I'll show you how to find the BEST group boards that are specific to your niche and even give you a handy, dandy cheat sheet listing 100 Group Boards to consider joining now!


Week 4: Let’s Get Analytical!

Did you know that your follower account is basically just a vanity number? Yup! In this module, we'll learn what we should ACTUALLY be tracking.  

If numbers scare you or bore you to tears, no worries, I'll make this one pain free! 


Week 5: Optimizing your website to turn clicks into conversions

Now we're cookin'! We've got our account set up, optimized, and ready to go! But that means very little if you're not DOING anything with these new leads. In this module, we dig into the "what next?" of it all.  

Here we'll answer the question: how do we go from views to clicks to subscribes to buys? 


Week 6: Boardbooster

I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that you have other things to do in your business besides be on Pinterest all day? Am I right? Let me introduce you to my little friend...Boardbooster! It's the Pinterest scheduler that's going to rock your world and reduce the time you spend on Pinterest to just 5-10 minutes a day??!!#WhatWhat??!! 

Yes! It can be done!


A downloadable workbook designed to help you organize your Pinterest Game and create a cohesive and strategic plan of Pinterest attack!

A FREE 3000 Pin Trial of Boardbooster for all new accounts

(my most favorite Pinterest Scheduler EVER!!)

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Learn the EXACT strategies I use to make my client's accounts do this....



Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 5.39.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 5.39.24 PM.png
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Hi I'm Tasha and I'm here to show you how to leverage the power of Pinterest!

Sure, a fancy follower count LOOKS impressive but is it getting you more clicks to your website, more of the RIGHT clients and turning more viewers into buyers?

That's where I come in! 

Together, we'll walk though every part of making your Pinterest for Business account the ultimate lead magnet.

THEN, I'll go a step further and answer the question... "ummm, Tasha, I've got all of these people now, what do I do with them?!"  

I've helped numerous clients, in unusual niches like energy medicine, grief counseling, and even transracial adoption, increase their viewers and grow their blogs through Pinterest.  

 I specifically created this course to provide you ACTIONABLE steps that you can IMMEDIATELY implement! Let's turn your Pinterest for Business account into Pinterest Perfected!  

Bonus Time!

(What would a course pre-launch be without BONUSES??!! Don't worry, I've got you covered!!!) 

Be one of the FIRST 5 to register and receive...

A 20-minute complimentary Personalized Pinterest Audit!  

You and I will set up a Zoom call and I'll walk you through improvements that you can make to your account. We'll walk through your Pins, Boards, Profile, Description and Analytics to make sure everything is in tip top shape.  

And, you'll get to ask me any and all of your Pinterest related questions! #score! 

Bonus #2!

Are you a Virtual Assistant looking to add Pinterest Management to your list of services?

If so...grab this BONUS 60 Minute Add-On Training for only $97!

This will training will occur on Week 7 and will walk you through...

✔ how to manage multiple Pinterest Accounts at once

✔ packages & pricing

✔ delivering analytics to clients

✔ creating and sharing client templates in Canva

You'll also receive...

✔ a copy of my Pinterest New Client Questionnaire

✔  a customizable copy of the monthly analytics report I use for my own clients

Week 1-7.png

So? What are you waiting for???

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What is included once I enroll?

The course includes 6 online live classes, a downloadable workbook to help you organize your ideas and strategy and a free trial of Boardbooster. Plus, if you're one of the first 5 to register, you'll also receive a 20 minute Pinterest Strategy Session with me.

When are the live online classes?

A date has not yet been released for the next live session so stay tuned!

What if I can't attend one of the classes?

All classes will be recorded and available for participants to watch at a later date.

What if I'm unhappy with Pinterest Perfected?

Due to the instant access and downloadable nature of the course, there are no refunds. If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to email me at tasha@tashabsolutions.com and I'll do my best to help you out!

Pinterest is free, why should I pay for your stinkin' class?

You may have a Pinterest account but do you know how to use it the RIGHT way for your business? I'll show you the BEST way to get the MOST out of Pinterest in the LEAST amount of time.