Episode 9 | How She Started Her Business While Still Working Full Time

Starting your service based business while working full time? Listen up because I've recorded today's episode just for you!

When I first started my business, it was a nights and weekends only kinda thing. But it soon grew into something much bigger than I ever dreamed. Looking back on that season of my life, I'd definitely classify it as "busy". But once I created goals and knew exactly where I was headed, the busy became a lot more manageable and often, even enjoyable.

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Episode 8 | How She Targets Higher Paying Clients Using Live Events with Jordan Gill

I know that one of the reasons why many of us became Online Service Providers is because, getting to work from behind our computer screens in our fluffy slippers and athleisure wear everyday is a pretty sweet deal. But sometimes it pays to get up, get dressed, and head out to live events- yah know, with real, LIVE people! And when I say "it pays", I mean figuratively and literally.

My guest today is Jordan Gill of the Systems Saved Me podcast. Her podcast is a favorite in the online operations circles and for good reason. Jordan is so good at all things operations and systems. And while Jordan does enjoy sitting at home doing puzzles while binge watching Gilmore Girls, she's also a frequenter of masterminds, conferences, and other opportunities to network with potential ideal clients and referral partners (she attended over 30 events in one year!)

Today, Jordan's going to share with us her super awesome (and brilliant) method to targeting higher paying clients using live events.

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Episode 7 | How She Grows Her Agency by Building an A+ Team with Nicole Jackson Miller

Have you been considering bringing on your first, or next team member but just the thought alone has you frozen in dread? Where do you even start? How do you know that the person you hire is the right fit? What questions should you ask when hiring? There are so many things to consider when building your team the right way.

When it comes to growing your A+ Team, look no further than Nicole Jackson Miller of The Project Designer Company. Nicole is a dear friend and my personal mentor and has been so instrumental in helping me build my team of rockstars!

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Episode 6 | How She Communicates with Slack

If you've never used Slack before, hold on to your pantaloons because this episode is going to be a wild (and awesome) ride! And if you HAVE used Slack then get ready to learn some new ways to streamline client and team communication even more! Slack isn't just a fancy version of AOL Instant Messenger (dating myself much??!!). It's a communication hub that brings your entire team together and integrates all of the pieces.

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Episode 5 | How She Planned Her Business with Emma Bates

If the words "business plan" makes you want to curl up in the fetal position, you're not alone. When I owned my group fitness & dance studio, I vividly remember compiling dozens upon dozens of data docs and other papers to prep my business plan. Frankly, it was overwhelming and, once it was done, I never looked at it again.

Thankfully, the business plan we're talking about today is NOTHING like that! I'm joined by my amazing friend Emma Bates of Mill and Main Creative. In addition to her online marketing and branding company, Emma blogs at EmmaLeeBates.com, where she focuses on helping other mothers start and grow their own businesses. Today, Emma is walking us through her one page business plan.

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Episode 4 | How She Tricked Out Her Google Calendar with Jamie Russell

Let's face it, as support pros, our calendar is our life line! How amazing would it be if, in one glance we could see each of our critical due dates ranging from client launches to quarterly metrics? Systems Strategist and overall phenom Jamie Russel has found an ingenious way to do just that!

Jamie is going to talk us through how she's tricked out her google calendar to turn it in a color coded hub for all of her deadlines. And the best part is that it integrates with your project management platform of choice so you can get a daily birds eye view of what's to come.

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Episode 3 | How She Prioritized Like a Pro with Jac Julien

Do you have a to do list a mile long and STILL feel like nothing gets done? Then this episode is for you! My guest today is Jac Julien. She's a clinical psychologist turned productivity coach and she's here to help us eliminate the hustle and focus on what really matters!

As support pros, we're constantly juggling competing client needs. Jac is going to break it down into 3 easy steps to get the needle moving in the right direction so that you can do crazy things like...take weekends off! #WhatWhat??!

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Episode 2 | How She Learned Evernote with Lieah Torbert

Did you know that Evernote is NOT just a fancy post it? Ya'll! I legit had no idea! Ok, maybe I knew that it was way better than just a to do list creator but our guest today, Lieah Torbert, has opened my eyes in a whole new way to the power of Evernote. Lieah is the owner of Harrington Strategic Partners which is a firm that specializes in helping small businesses implement systems and processes to save time, save money, and focus resources on growing revenue.

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Episode 1 | How She Started

Who would’ve thought that a sing-song gal like me with a degree in theatre and political science working at the YMCA would end up running a 6-figure Online Business Management and Virtual Support Agency? Not me, that’s for sure!

In this inaugural episode of the How She Did That Podcast, I’m walking you through how I got started in the world of Virtual Support. We’ll cover…

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