Episode 14 | How She Audits Her Tech Systems with Saprina

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Today I am chatting with my Biz Bestie Saprina Nickelson. Saprina is a tech WIZ (and Instagram Strategist) and is constantly reminding me to audit my systems every once in awhile to make sure I’m only paying for what I actually need. And I’m so glad she does! Recently, I went through my tech systems spreadsheet and was able to eliminate almost $200 per month in unnecessary platforms! That’s almost $2400 per year!

So often, we purchase something and either forget about it or end up underutilizing it. By auditing your systems, you’re able to keep your budget in check which is essential to running a successful and profitable business.

Today, Saprina and I discuss:

  • Saprina’s Ride or Die Systems

  • When you know it make sense to pay for a platform rather than using a free work around.

  • Saprina’s process for deciding what tech to keep and what to get rid of.

  • An easy way to cover the costs of some of your most loved systems.



Links Mentioned

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About Saprina

Saprina Nickelson is the founder of She Hustles Creative Agency where she has worked with coaches and services providers to dominate via tech and social media. She helps creatives get clear strategies and start turning followers into clients. There is just something about helping someone else on their journey to success that fills her cup. If she’s not helping clients, she spending time with her two sons.

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