Episode 26 | How She Became a Change Maker with Kelly Sullivan Ruta

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We have an amazing opportunity to use our businesses and platforms to do so much good. However, we oftentimes get stuck in not knowing how to show up in the world and be the change we want to see. My guest today, Kelly Ruta is a psychotherapist turned personal mastery expert for female disruptors.

Kelly tells us what a disruptor is and explains how we can become change agents in the world, to break down the status quo that doesn’t serve the greater good. She teaches women how to up their inner game so that they can go out and create that very positive disruption in their communities, industries, countries, and governments.

She and I talk about:

  • Who the change makers are

  • How to know if you are a change maker and how to become one

  • How to figure out what we need to be focused on

  • Ways we can integrate being a change maker with our business

  • The importance of starting where you are

  • Why you need to work on inner disruption, first and always

  • How to deal with people who resist the change we are trying to create

  • Tips on how to make a contribution that is not bound by money

Links Mentioned:

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About Kelly Sullivan Ruta

Kelly is a psychotherapist turned personal mastery expert for female #disruptors. She helps them rise up and dismantle the perceptions and paradigms across all industries that locally and globally disempower and disenfranchise people.

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