Episode 28 | How She Became A Digital Nomad with Esther Inman

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Are you ready to pack everything up and take it on the road? My guest today, Esther Inman, is a full-time digital nomad currently living with her son and veteran husband in Bali, Indonesia. She runs a 6-figure agency, with a team of eight virtual workers, and provides online training programs that help other women launch their virtual work life too.

Esther is going to share her journey to living abroad. She will also be providing some tips for those who are ready to pack it all up and take it on the road.

We talk about:

  • What it was like when she and her husband decided to take everything on the road

  • How they decided Bali was where they would be for a while

  • What considerations you need to make when you decide to travel as a digital nomad

  • Which international hubs are great to start with as a digital nomad

  • Tips for deciding if being a digital nomad is for you and choosing a location

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About Esther Inman

Esther quit her corporate America job 6 years ago when she realized it wasn’t suitable for a military wife and Mom life. She started working from home as a virtual assistant and couldn’t believe this simple low entry level virtual career was completely unknown by other military wives, Moms, or travel lovers. She’s been running her six figure online agency ever since and has her own team of 8 other virtual workers. She also runs online programs helping other women launch their virtual work life too!

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