Episode 19 | How She Became a Pinterest Strategist with Monica Draudt

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The land of Pinterest has busted wide open as an online platform brimming with opportunity for business owners looking to find other ways to target their ideal clients. And where there’s opportunity for business owners, there’s also opportunity for the virtual team who supports them. My guest today, Monica Draudt took her own love for Pinterest, learned what it could do in the world of business, and leap head first into a successful business as a Pinterest Strategist.

I talk all of the time about the power of niching down and becoming an expert at one or two high ticket and high value services and Monica is a prime example of what just that. Today, she and I talk about:

  • What Pinterest is and isn’t.

  • How Monica started her online business.

  • Why Monica chose Pinterest as one of her premium service offerings.

  • How Monica makes more working from home than she did in her full time job.

  • Tips to becoming a Pinterest Strategist.

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About Monica Draudt

Monica is a married mom of 2 boys and 4 critters living in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. In 2017, she found herself in a dire situation. She was jobless, just had a baby and destined to be a stay-at-home mom. So she sailed though the treacherous seas of the inter-webs to discover her solution, become a stay-at-home-mom and make money at the same time. She came across a VA course and was hooked! Just over a year later, she has a successful online business doing what she loves and working with amaze-moms and entrepreneurs making their dreams a reality.

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