Episode 7 | How She Grows Her Agency by Building an A+ Team with Nicole Jackson Miller

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Have you been considering bringing on your first, or next team member but just the thought alone has you frozen in dread? Where do you even start? How do you know that the person you hire is the right fit? What questions should you ask when hiring? There are so many things to consider when building your team the right way.

When it comes to growing your A+ Team, look no further than Nicole Jackson Miller of The Project Designer Company. Nicole is a dear friend and my personal mentor and has been so instrumental in helping me build my team of rockstars!

In this episode, Nicole and I talk about:

  • Challenges that come up when thinking about building a team.

  • Mistakes that can be made when you bring on team members out of desperation.

  • The proper steps to take when you’re ready to ready to build a team.

  • Why creating space in order to build is a MUST!

**Side Note** - Nicole’s signature course, Project Manage Like A CEO, is absolutely amazing and, if you’re considering integrating project management into your suite of services, you should DEFINITELY check it out!

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About Nicole

Nicole Jackson Miller is the owner of The Project Designer Company, a Project Management and Hiring Agency that serves online business owners, coaches and influencers. Nicole also mentors Agency Owners on how to build an A+ Team to support their clients. Through working at major TV Networks in NYC for over 8 years, Nicole understands what it takes to lead a business and team to greatness and she helps her clients do just that!

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