Episode 12 | How She Built A Strong Foundation Through Systems with Sarah Noked

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It’s well known the Online Business Management circles that, if you want to become a certified OBM, you go talk to Sarah Noked. That’s because, in addition to being a wealth of information, she’s only one of three certified Online Business Manager Trainers worldwide! Today Sarah and I are talking about how to build a strong foundation for your business through systems.

One of the current buzzwords in the online world space is “scale”. Everyone wants to scale because that’s the way you make more money without working more and burning out right?! #Wrong! Unless you do it the right way (which is exactly why Sarah is here!)

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In this episode, Sarah and I discuss:

  • How scaling the wrong way can be awful.

  • The foundational pieces you need to make your scalability sustainable.

  • The difference between hiring in a reactive vs. proactive mode.

  • My own story of how I hired my first team member the wrong way and my most recent team member the right way.

  • Where to even start in creating your systems. (it's not nearly as scary as you think).

  • Using the Kolbe-A in your hiring practices.

  • Why SOPs are important even if you're a brand new VA with no team.

  • The one thing you can do TODAY to get started on creating better systems.

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About Sarah

Sarah is an MBA graduate, Certified Online Business Manager and Digital Marketing Strategist with more than 10 years’ business experience in the online world. With her stellar team of OBMs, they help their clients stay on track for growth and development. They do this by managing their projects, teams, operations, automation, and launches. In turn, their clients gain the much needed time to focus on their big picture, revenue-generating ideas. Everyone wins!

When she’s not working in the agency and with 6 to 7 figure entrepreneurs scaling their businesses, she helping other VAs and OBMs realize their worth and potential to scale and grow profitable teams and businesses. As a Certified OBM Trainer, she trains and certifies fellow OBMs in the online business industry.

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