Episode 6 | How She Communicates with Slack

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If you've never used Slack before, hold on to your pantaloons because this episode is going to be a wild (and awesome) ride! And if you HAVE used Slack then get ready to learn some new ways to streamline client and team communication even more! Slack isn't just a fancy version of AOL Instant Messenger (dating myself much??!!). It's a communication hub that brings your entire team together and integrates all of the pieces.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • The pros and cons of using Slack (hint: there are way more pros!)

  • What Slack is and is not

  • How Slack cuts down on the massive number of emails I used to get

  • My 3 favorite integrations and short cuts

  • Best practices for using this platform.

Make sure you check out my free video walkthrough download. I'll show you around my team's personal Slack workspace!

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