Episode 11 | How She Created a Social Media Strategy that generates Leads with Bria Hash

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When it comes to creating visibility and effective social media strategy, my guest today, Bria Hash has had a banner year and that’s NOT by accident! Bria happens to be one of my amazing biz besties and I cannot tell you how proud of her I am! This year, Bria created some huge goals for her business and knew that she was going to need a solid plan to get there. So she dug deep and put in some major work.

Bria will be sharing her strategy for connecting with her ideal clients. You’re also going to definitely make sure you download her marketing strategies workbook!

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About Bria

Bria Hash is the owner and founder of Virtual 4ourty an online Virtual Assisting Firm created to respond to the cultural and creative messages of black women in business. Bria’s no nonsense, no cliche allowed approach to marketing and visibility has attracted dozens of business owners to work with Bria to grow their businesses with meaning, intent, and purpose.

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