Episode 20 | How She Does All The Things with Tarin LarRoux

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Can you imagine running your business while homeschooling AND working a 9-5 job?! I sure can’t but our guest today, Tarin LaRoux does just that. I know that the word “supermom” sometimes gets a bad however, I think Tarin has earned that cape. You’ll hear from our episode how Tarin keeps everything organized and “how doing all the things” doesn’t mean you have to do them alone. (we get to talk a lot about Tarin’s super supportive boyfriend which I love!).

If you’re someone trying to balance it all, definitely check out this episode for some major inspiration that it CAN in fact be done!


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About Tarin LaRoux

Tarin is a mom of two who started working from home when her firstborn arrived. Soon she discovered a path of entrepreneurship that lead her into the arms of her love, Pinterest. She works from home in a virtual call center and still finds time to kick butt at managing Pinterest accounts and to homeschool her two darling boys.

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