Episode 23 | How She Got Strategic With Her Business with Natalie Gingrich

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As service providers, we often spend so much time improving our clients’ businesses, that we forget to take care of our own. We get overwhelmed and are not sure where to start. We are so great at supporting others that we don’t realize we need to get support and be strategic for our businesses as well.

My guest today is Natalie Gingrich, an Operations Consultant, and Certified Project Manager. She shares with us her 7 pillar process for improving our business strategy and thereby improving our bottom line. We need to get our CEO hats on so we can meet our goals and grow our businesses like we are doing for our clients.

She and I talk about:

  • How everyone needs support, no matter what level they’re at in their business

  • How getting strategic in our businesses is more important than being strategic in our clients’ businesses

  • Steps to take to be strategic in the 7 pillars in your business

  • How hiring help can help you build leadership and grow your business

  • What piece of strategy you can start implementing this week

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About Natalie Gingrich

Natalie Gingrich is a quintessential, Type A leader who thoroughly enjoys helping her entrepreneurial peers move their businesses into action with her love of project management.

After 15 years in a Fortune 150 company, she uses her tremendous drive, education, and professional experience to serve those in a space known for creative and visionary thinkers. She combines her passion for people, with simplified processes and practical, project management to create authentic movement in business. As a mother of two- and a native of Texas- her heart is big and eager to serve. You can gain a glimpse of how she manages her (and her team's) tasks at www.NatalieGingrich.com/productiveweek.

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