Episode 21 | How She Keeps The Love Alive

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I have a super special guest today...my husband! Scott and I have been married for almost 2 years now and together for almost 4. When I first started my online business, he was pretty foreign to the whole thing but, he's always been super supportive. I wanted to have him on the podcast today, firstly, because it's Valentines Day and #HandHearts, #Sweetness, but secondly, because I get asked pretty regularly questions about how my husband feels about my business and also advice for what to do when your spouse isn't too keen on your new entrepreneurial adventure.

I thought having a non-entrepreneur take on the whole thing might be a great idea. I loved Scott's insight on topics like how to be supportive, what he thought when I first started my business, and, of course, how we keep the love alive.

Hope you enjoy!


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