Episode 2 | How She Learned Evernote with Lieah Torbert

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Did you know that Evernote is NOT just a fancy post it? Ya'll! I legit had no idea! Ok, maybe I knew that it was way better than just a to do list creator but our guest today, Lieah Torbert, has opened my eyes in a whole new way to the power of Evernote. Lieah is the owner of Harrington Strategic Partners which is a firm that specializes in helping small businesses implement systems and processes to save time, save money, and focus resources on growing revenue. Many moons ago, Lieah was an original beta tester of Evernote and she provides such a wealth of info in how to use this robust platform.

In this episode, we'll discuss...

>> Why Evernote may be all you need for project and task management.

>> How to automate downloading and organizing your monthly bank statements.

>> Some of the many other platforms that Evernote integrates with seamlessly (I bet you use a few of them)

>> A super cool way to get your pile of post it notes into Evernote.


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About Lieah Torbert

Lieah has 20 years experience in small business development in the retail, e-commerce, consulting, manufacturing and distribution industries. One of the perks – and challenges – of small business is the wearing of many hats. In Lieah’s various roles, she has developed extensive knowledge in the areas of:

  • Systems Implementation and Management

  • Process Development and Continuous Improvement

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Training and Development

  • Inventory Management

Her unique background allows for a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and innovative solutions to growth barriers in business. She wants to support small business growth in her community, making businesses stronger and ready for the challenges ahead.

Check Lieah Out Online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn