Episode 22 | How She Made $10k with Kara Fillion

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After graduating from college with honors in communication studies and securing a well-paying corporate job, Kara Fillion started seeing ads on Facebook about people working from their laptop and traveling around the world. She found herself determined to make this her own reality and started putting in the hard work. Less than a year later, she hit a monumental milestone in her business and had her first $10K month.

Kara did research about working from her laptop and started hiring coaches to learn the ropes. In the last two years, she has worked with three coaches and got the help she needed to make her own business a reality. I’m a huge proponent to hiring coaches, being in a paid mastermind, or having a mentor to help you advance your business, and Kara did just that. She has officially been running her business for ten months as a VA/OBM. She helps busy entrepreneurs with their social media, tech, strategy, and business management.


Today, she and I talk about:

  • How she hit her first $10k month in January, 10 months into running her business

  • Tips on how to overcome fear

  • Why mindset plays a huge role in reaching your goals

  • What it meant to her business success to hire coaches

  • How you don’t have to have a huge team or work 80-hour weeks to hit a 5 or 6 figure month

  • One thing you can do this week to work towards your own $10K month



About Kara Fillion

Kara is a 22 year old Canadian from Sudbury, Ontario. She is extremely positive, driven and passionate. Kara graduated from Laurentian University with Honors and secured a well paying 9-5 corporate job immediately after graduation. Although many considered her "lucky" to find a good job in her field right after school, she always knew she wanted more.

After seeing ads on Facebook about people working from their laptop and traveling the world, Kara was determined to make this her reality. She invested in multiple courses and coaches and was working 80+/hours a week to achieve her goal of being a full time entrepreneur. Less than a year later, Kara is making 10k/month working with amazing women all around the world helping them with systems, strategies and the general business support they need to scale their business. She truly believes that anything you set your mind to is possible if you believe in yourself and 100% commit regardless of the challenges involved.

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