Episode 37 | How She Niched Down with Sharice Enis

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Niching down is one of those things that everyone is asking about. It is something that can improve your business all around. My guest today, Sharice Enis, recently niched down into her target market. She is the tech-savvy content creator, strategist, and entrepreneur behind Sharice & Co. She helps coaches, consultants, and service providers turn their knowledge into online courses and more.

We’re talking to Sharice about the niching down process, why she found it necessary, and how it actually improved her business altogether. It may be a challenging process to go through, but it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Today, we talk about:

  • What niching down is

  • How you decide what your niche is going to be

  • What process is involved in niching down

  • What big challenges she experienced when she niched down

  • What challenges you face when you haven’t niched down yet

  • The one thing you can do this week to niche down and figure out what you want to market

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About Sharice Enis

Sharice Enis is a tech-savvy content creator, strategist, and entrepreneur behind Sharice & CO. She works with coaches, consultants and service providers to turn their knowledge and experience into content such as Online Courses, Membership Sites, Group programs and blog posts. Through her done for you services, intensives and tutorials she's here to help you get your most important content done and ready to sell.

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