Episode 32 | How She Repurposes Content with Tamika Auwai

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You don’t need to create brand new content all the time, because not every single eyeball is on your content all the time. Repurposing your client’s content will become your best friend! My guest today, Tamika Auwai is the CEO of Orisha Creative, a full-service digital marketing agency serving 7-figure business owners in the personal growth and personal development field.

Tamika is here to talk about how she repurposes content for her clients in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. She and I have partnered with each other on a couple of our clients’ teams, and she is one of the most giving and creative minds that I know when it comes to digital marketing.

Today, she and I talk about:

  • What repurposing content is in the first place

  • How repurposing content helps your client be in more places at once

  • Which niches that repurposing content works better for

  • What kind of content you can repurpose, and how

  • What the workflow looks like when repurposing content

  • Two things you can do this week to start the process of repurposing content

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About Tamika Auwai

After a layoff, a baby, and an epiphany nearly a decade ago, Tamika Auwai, left the corporate world and hasn’t looked back…even after a failed first business left her young family with a year’s salary worth of debt. Instead, Tamika dove head first into mastering the game of online marketing and shifted her inner game to create a thriving business, while helping others do the same. Tamika is the CEO of Orisha Creative, a full service, digital marketing agency serving 7-figure business owners in the personal growth and wellness industries. She has appeared on local and national television in Canada.

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