Episode 9 | How She Started Her Business While Still Working Full Time


Starting your service based business while working full time? Listen up because I've recorded today's episode just for you!

When I first started my business, it was a nights and weekends only kinda thing. But it soon grew into something much bigger than I ever dreamed. Looking back on that season of my life, I'd definitely classify it as "busy". But once I created goals and knew exactly where I was headed, the busy became a lot more manageable and often, even enjoyable.

Today I'll share with you a few tips on creating new biz & 9-5 harmony.

We'll chat about:

  • How to talk to the important people in your life about your new biz endeavor.

  • Why you should not try to offer all of the things.

  • How to create space in your calendar for 9-5 work, new biz work, and self-care/social life.

  • Why being picky with the clients you choose will save your sanity.

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