Episode 16 | How I Stay Active & Healthy While Working From Home

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This month marks exactly one year since I went into business full time for myself and, while there have been many "unexpecteds" in my entrepreneurial journey, one of the biggest ones is how going from working a full time 9-5 to working from home would effect my body.

One thing you may not know about me is that, before I started The Launch Guild, I was the full time Health and Well Being Director for two YMCAs. I've been a professional dancer, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. Up until now, fitness and wellness have been infused in every fabric of my life and my day. So my body was pretty shocked when I went from constantly moving to constantly sitting. And it was NOT happy.

Today on the podcast, I'm going to share with you the steps I took to get back on track with my wellness goals. Even though I now have to be more intentional about staying active, it doesn't need to be difficult and, I've found that more I respect my body, the easier it is to stay sharp and focused in my biz.


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