Episode 10 | How She Stood Out with Krystal Clark

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There’s a belief in certain circles of the VA world that the market is saturated and it’s almost impossible to stand out. My guest today is here to prove otherwise. I’m talking to Krystal Clark of Krystal Clark Creative. She’s a social media manager who did such an amazing job in her marketing and visibility strategy that she was booked out before she even officially launched! How amazing is that?!

Krystal is going to share with us her strategies for showing up online in a way that is authentic and demands that you be noticed. She’s so brilliant at this!

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About Krystal

Krystal is a natural social butterfly with a love for all things creative! She's a coffee-loving social media manager helping B2B bosses escape social media overwhelm so they can focus on the areas of life and business that fire them up! She resides in Titusville, Florida with her amazing husband and daughter. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite food is cheesecake, and her favorite thing to do is network. No, seriously, she’s a geek for that stuff! Krystal attributes her success to the focus of helping others succeed. She believes that if you focus on serving people and your passion, all your business dreams can come true.

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