Episode 36 | How She Took a Vacation

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When I first started my business, taking a vacation was really hard. When you’re not in your business, you feel like you’re not serving your clients and have to figure out a way to continue working while on vacation to keep them happy. I want to help you figure out what will work best for you to take vacations, so you don’t feel chained to your desk and you have the opportunity to take a break when you need and want to.

One of my core values in my business is to take vacations. As much as I love my business, I also know that it’s important to enjoy my family and to celebrate what I do, what I’ve accomplished, and the fact that I’m a business owner. My husband and I enjoy doing our vacations together and we appreciate the time to bond as a couple and family.

Today, I talk about:

  • How to prepare your clients for your vacation

  • What you need to think about to make this work for you

  • How to make sure you have someone to keep your business running, whether as a solopreneur or someone with a team

  • Setting up channels for communication when it’s needed

  • How to let your clients know that you will be going on vacation and when you’ll be back




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