Episode 30 | How She Uses Profit First with Lynne Somerman

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Profit First is a business financial management system that has taken the world by storm. My guest today, Lynne Somerman, is going to share with us how to start implementing this simple technique into our own businesses in order to improve our profit margins. She is a financial coach who helps entrepreneurs feel less stupid and sad about money by teaching practical skill building, habit changes, and mindset work.

Implementing the Profit First technique helps you focus on your zone of genius better, rather than being more focused on the money aspect. It makes this part of your business as simple and painless as possible and helps you improve your profit.

Today, we talk about:

  • What Profit First is and how it works

  • How to start where you are to implement changes

  • What the biggest hurdles she sees with money when working with someone for the first time

  • What changes people see when they implement Profit First techniques

  • 5 steps you can take today to start implementing Profit First in your business



About Lynne Somerman

Lynne Somerman is a financial coach serving entrepreneurs. She helps folks feel less stupid and sad about money through practical skill building, habit change, and mindset work.

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