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Episode 46 | How She Strategized Her Taxes with Amy Bradbury

“Tax Strategy” ugh!  I know that phrase is not the sexiest of conversations in the world for most of us, but my guest today thinks it is and she helps to make taxes and money so much more comfortable for her clients (including me!). Amy Bradbury is my friend and personal CFO. She is the CEO of Empowered Profits, a full-service accounting agency for entrepreneurs and online businesses.

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Episode 45 | How She Grew Into Her Role As A CEO with Sara Christensen

How does someone get really good at being the CEO of their company? They practice...a lot! Sara Christensen is our guest today and brings with her over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. There’s such a wealth of information in this episode that I seriously can’t even tell you what the real “nuggets” are, you’ll just have to listen to the whole thing. BUT, some of my favorite takeaways include…

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Episode 43 | Season 3 Ask Me Anything Q & A

Can you even believe that we’re already in Season 3 of the How She Did That Podcast? I can’t! This season is dedicated to the virtual support pros who have been in business for a while and are looking for some more advanced strategies in the way of hiring & managing team, selling higher ticket offers, taking some time away from their business, and just fully embodying the role of CEO! I am so excited for all of the amazing women I’ve interviewed for season 3 and I can’t wait for the crazy amounts of awesomeness their going to bring!

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