Group Programs


Booked & Balanced

A 6 Month 1:1 and Group Coaching Experience for Virtual Support Pros who are ready to step into destiny, do the work, and grow a business that they love! This program is solidly focused on actionable steps that get you to your goals. You’ll have all the accountability & support you’ll need to get the needle moving forward.

This Is For You If:

You’ve got an established business and are tired of trying to figure out how to grow this thing on your own. With Booked & Balanced, you get it all! The high touch, 1:1 support of a coach who’s been there, done that AND the community of a group of women who are working right along side you in building their dreams!

From 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, and Expert Business Trainings to Co-Working Sessions and A Member’s Only Resource Library, Booked & Balanced is everything your need if you’re ready to show up, work hard, and grow a business you love.

Booked & Balanced Registration is Currently Closed & Reopens in November 2019!

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1:1 Support


90 Day Mentorship & Coaching

As an Online Business & Virtual Support Agency Owner, I know from experience how daunting it is to distinguish yourself from other VAs, generate sustainable traffic for your business, and position your services as an integral contribution to your clients’ success. That’s why I created a fully personal, individual coaching program to help you overcome these challenges and confidently handle your business.

Through biweekly coaching sessions and unlimited slack/voxer support, we’ll work together to get your systems in tip top shape, grow your bottom line, showcase your unique approach, stand-out amongst competitors, and scale your business beyond your wildest dreams.

This Is For You If:

You know that you’re ready to build and grow a business. You’ve made a bit of money as a VA or OBM but now you’re ready to do the hard (but fun) work of growing a sustainable business while fully supported by me, your right hand!

On Demand Trainings

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V. Assist 101

Brand new to the world of Virtual Assistants or still in the idea phase? Sign up for V. Assist 101! This 90 Minute Recorded Training will walk you through how to build & launch a profitable virtual assistant business. We’ll cover topics like:

  • What Services to Offer

  • How to Find Clients

  • What Tools You Need

This Is For You If:

You’re new to the world of being a Virtual Assistant but you know you want to get started the right way! You’re ready to build your business with a solid understanding of what you need to do to make the most impact in the least amount of time!

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V. Assist Biz Basics

When you’re first starting your Virtual Support Biz, it’s easy to get bogged down in the “setting up your biz phase”. You need a website, you need a suite of services, you need a way for people to pay you! #ShowMeTheMoney! Biz Basics is a 4 part video based training that walks you through my stress free system of creating your the 4 pillars in your biz:

1- Visibility
2- Connection
3- Onboarding
4- Communication & Management

This Is For You If:

You’re tired of piecemealing your systems together and spending way too much time on systems that can be automated. If you know that there’s a better way and want a quickly implementable solution, then Biz Basics is where it’s at!

In this training, we’ll cut the fluff and help you get set up and launched in less time and with less overwhelm thereby leaving you with a ready to go, highly optimized process that takes your clients all the way from learning about your services to onboarding to communication & project management.

*this training is dripped over 4 weeks and you’ll receive the first week’s training immediately upon registration.