You’re Ready To Become A Visionary Virtual Assistant


You’re the life of the party and light up every room you enter.  This makes you great for client facing Virtual Assistant Support (examples: phone support, event planning support, marketing outreach ).  You know how to wine and dine people and that can definitely be an asset. The flip side to all of this is that, it may be harder for you to take a back seat to the clients you’re serving.  Remember that being a Virtual Assistant is a support role, not the starring role.

Working from home and not interacting with people as often might also lead to some major loneliness so be sure to plan some people time often like joining a co-working space or working from a coffee shop.

Since organization and focus can be a concern for you at times, working with fewer clients in a larger capacity and/or short term contracts, will most likely work better for you.  Embrace projects that let you be creative and think outside the box instead of ones that are the same thing day in and day out. (read: you’re probably NOT gonna enjoy doing someone’s inbox management

Other Support Pro Roles That May Also be a Great Fit For You:

  • Creative Virtual Assistant (creating graphics, sales pages for clients)

  • Course Launch Support (short term, fast and furious may be right up your ally!)

Check out this podcast episode of the How She Did That Podcast which highlights how I started out as a Virtual Assistant.