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You’re a leader, an influencer, and a visionary.

You’re lit up by INSPIRING your tribe, EDUCATING the masses, and being the PERSONALITY of your business.

You’re here to shine, be seen, and make a difference in this world.

We absolutely know you’ve got this.

And we know you can’t do it alone.

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Welcome to The Launch Guild, the digital support agency for coaches & course creators who are making a mark on the world. We offer a range of services including online business & systems management, virtual customer service support, course/podcast launch support, and more. Think of us as your one stop shop for all the support your online business needs.

We know that the world needs you. We’re the team that will have your back (and your business) so you can work your magic and change the world.- Let’s do this!


a little client love

“Working with Tasha and her team has given me RESULTS, and the support I need to scale my business and take it to the next level. Before working with The Launch Guild, I was struggling to launch my first product, and frustrated by other teams that were unreliable and needed to be micro-managed. Tasha and her team are a breath of fresh air! They work together like a well oiled machine, and their knowledge of business is nothing short of impressive. With their help, my first launch brought in almost $5k in just 3 days! Best yet? I felt relaxed, knowing that Tasha and the team had my back during the process. TLG is a MUST for every future launch! Having Tasha’s team as your team is my secret weapon for success! ”

-Jessica Lee, CEO JL MEDIA