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Ready to take “all of the things” off your to-do list so you can get back to changing the world (while watching the sales pour in)?

We’ve got all your launch and systems support in one convenient dream team. 



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Welcome to The Launch Guild.

Welcome to
The Launch Guild.

Our team of experts are here so you can stop doing all of the things all of the time and start rocking your zone of genius by focusing just on doing what you do best. 

The only way to generate stress-free scalable success is with a team of experts all strategically playing to their strengths! 

Together, we can create a custom support package that’s a perfect feel-good fit that will take your product or podcast to the next level.

(It’s like slipping into your favorite pair of yoga pants and finding a six-figure check in your pocket, ahhh!) 

Your one-stop-shop for coaches and course creators who are ready to launch their courses & programs to the next level with more revenue, ease, and flexibility.

Spoiler Alert!

My biggest launch to-date (almost $200K in revenue!)”

"Working with The Launch Guild team has helped me to have my biggest launch to-date! It felt great to know that I didn't have to do everything on my own. I would not have had such a successful launch (almost $200K in revenue!) without Tasha's team."

Tiyana Robinson, Professional makeup artist and beauty educator

We’re on a mission to
The way you run your biz… 

We’re on a mission to
                  The way you run your biz… 

The days of stressing and second-guessing yourself are over.
We’ve seen the struggle that creative entrepreneurs go through when they try to plan and execute their big dreams all on their own (or maybe with the help of an equally overwhelmed assistant). 

Those sleepless nights, endless rabbit holes of research, DIY design dilemmas, “technical difficulties”, and Ben and Jerry breakdowns are something we wouldn’t wish on anybody!

As a team of top launch and systems experts, we’ve supported dozens of clients at every step of their launch and helped countless others fine-tune their design, strategy, systems, and more. 

We’ve grossed over $1.2 million in revenue for clients (including multiple 6-figure launches and record-breaking yearly revenues) and we’d love to support you too. 


Because you’re on a mission to                 
the world… 

Because you’re on a mission to                the world… 


You’re lit up as a leader by inspiring your community, educating the masses, and being the personality behind your brand and business.

You’re here to make a difference -- not spend every day struggling and spreading yourself too thin (while still falling short of your goals). 

You didn’t start your business to become an expert on launching or systems or marketing or tech or podcast management or Kajabi.

You saw an unfulfilled need among your audience and stepped up to be the solution.

And now you deserve specialized support to launch your offer into the world and keep your biz running smoother than Skippy’s.

Get your product into the world in a professional and profound way.”

"Nothing like a powerful team of women who share the same vision as you and want just as much success for your business and product as you do. I highly recommend working with The Launch Guild if you wish to get your product out into the world in a professional and profound way!"

ALLIE RAE, Director of Operations for Sianna Sherman

If you’ve got a proven track record for your products and are looking to scale your next launch…  

Apply for Full-Service Launch and Systems Support

Ready to get back to working your magic

(while we work ours)?

Full Service Launch Support

If you’ve got a proven track record for your products and are looking to scale your next launch…  

Apply for Full-Service Launch Support

Launch, Design, or Strategy Day

If you’re brand-new to launches and want to set yourself up for success from the start… 

Podcast Launch Services

If you’ve got a message you’re dying to share but don’t want a weekly tech headache… 

We’re here to amplify your impact with a custom support package that’s just right for you so you can stay in your zone of genius 




I felt super supported and we were ahead of schedule most of the time. I felt very calm and that was what my goal was.

The ads and all the extra parts that TLG provides completely made the difference.
You all paid for yourselves times 5!

You have made the process so seamless for me! I never could have done this without you!

Kemberli Stephenson, Podcast Client

Sarah Thomas, Launch Support Client

Megan Minns King, Launch Support Client

I'm so excited to launch and can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it's all been handled!

Julia Cambell, Launch Day Client

Are you a Virtual Support Pro?

...if so, then check out my other website, tashabooth.com.

There, I offer courses, coaching programs, and even a podcast for Virtual Assistants, Online Business Managers, and Launch Managers who want to start, grow, or scale their profitable and sustainable businesses.

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