Working with the Launch Guild has redeemed my experience with launches."

“I used to be stressed, overwhelmed, push back deadlines and fear everything breaking on the technical side. The Launch Guild walked me through the process, enlisted help from my time, gave us a timeline and took the fear of technical difficulties off my plate. I was freed up to use my creative gifts in my business to build content for my audience. Hiring the Launch Guild was one of the best business decisions. I loved them so much it was hard to let them go when our project ended. If you're considering launching a course or membership, the Launch Guild is a definite must!”


Working with Tasha and her team was a dream!"

“I was partnered with Dia and right out of the gate, she identified some structural and organizational issues that were slowing us down. Before I started with The Launch Guild, I had three team members who I was working to the bone. Dia came in and helped clean things up so that I now have 7 team members and everyone is happily working on the right things. We also worked together on creating a unique SOP system that works with my business which had to be flexible enough to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of our industry. And to keep things timely, Tasha and her team were able to help me navigate the hugely stressful COVID-19 transition. I am forever grateful for their support during that time. We’ve bounced back and are poised to have our biggest year yet. Working with them is a no-brainer and gets me excited for bigger updates we’ll have to do in the future because I know exactly who to call to get it done.”


I was so fortunate to find Tasha and The Launch Guild."

“I was so fortunate to find Tasha and The Launch Guild. I wanted an expert third party to take a look at my online course to be sure it had all of the elements I wanted for my learners. Having built the content and the course, I was so close to all of it that I needed an unsolicited professional, with an expert focus on learning and tools, to provide a thorough evaluation. And that’s exactly what Tasha did for us. I appreciated her attention to detail, her prompt meetings in which she articulated ways to enhance the class and the fact that she sent everything in video as well. Tasha created great value to me and to our course, which I can proudly offer my audience. Thank you for your prompt and professional service!”


I can say without a doubt that the launch went really well because I had support and I was able to show up fully for my audience."

"Last year I launched on my own, I didn't really have a team, I had a VA here and there but it was just me running everything. This time around I hired The Launch Guild because my following has grown and I didn't want to burn myself out. I decided to take the leap and let me tell you, it was the best frickin' decision ever because it turned out to be an AMAZING launch. Revenue-wise we generated over 7 figures, the total revenue was about $1.5 Million and the majority of that was cash collected up front."

Rose Han, creator of investing with rose

I 100% recommend The Launch Guild team! From our very first interaction, Tasha and her team were professional, helpful, and solution-oriented."

“Anytime I had a question, Brianna, the Facebook ads manager, responded to me immediately and was very patient, informative, and I knew she wanted the best for me and my business. If you are in need of someone to help you write ad copy and take over the entire Facebook ad management/strategy, then The Launch Guild team is perfect for you.”


Before working with Tasha and her team, my business was ticking along and I had a little help but I was still doing ALL the things. But I was nervous about outsourcing too much of the work. I’m a control freak."

“As soon as I was introduced to Tasha, I was impressed with her professionalism. She also had a genuine interest in my business. I was immediately drawn to work with her and her team because of the unique standard of support you are provided. Tasha’s team is incredibly knowledgable, so the answer to a question can always be found. I trusted in them from the start and for once found it easy to hand over the reins.

My VA is a breath of fresh air. So organized, willing and able to help me with anything I throw at her and superb with customer support. Finally I can focus on driving the business forward knowing I have a competent, friendly and supportive team who are prepared to go above and beyond for me. Thank you Tasha and team! I can’t wait to see where my business goes with you beside me.”


Working with The Launch Guild team has helped me to have my biggest launch to-date!"

“Before working with The Launch Guild, I was just "winging it" during my launches, which left me feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed out. Having her team allowed me to delegate my tasks, so while my cart was open, I could just focus on showing up as my best self for my audience. It felt great to know that I didn't have to do everything on my own. I would not have had such a successful launch (almost $200K in revenue!) without Tasha's team.”


Working with Tasha and her team has given me RESULTS, and the support I need to scale my business and take it to the next level."

Before working with The Launch Guild, I was struggling to launch my first product, and frustrated by other teams that were unreliable and needed to be micro-managed. Tasha and her team are a breath of fresh air! They work together like a well oiled machine, and their knowledge of business is nothing short of impressive. With their help, my first launch brought in almost $5k in just 3 days! Best yet? I felt relaxed, knowing that Tasha and the team had my back during the process. TLG is a MUST for every future launch! Having Tasha's team as your team is my secret weapon for success!”


I got a suggestion from Facebook to connect with the Launch Guild when I posted about needing some help."

“Honestly, I only checked out their website for a few minutes before I made the decision to work with them. That was a good decision! Their areas of expertise were exactly what I needed to finally launch the business I had been working on (on my own) for years, After The Affair. I would say that they really excel in clear communication and use simple technology to bring together what feels like a close knit team. I felt like I went from a one-woman team of never-ending, overwhelming work to a team of bad ass women who don’t have “I can’t” in their vocabulary.”


Working with Tasha and her team has given me the push I needed to put myself on a schedule and work proactively instead of wearing myself out in the scatterbrained lane."

“Before working with TLG, I was uber stressed and working around the clock. Now I’m much more relaxed, spending time on what I love about my business…client work, instead of tasks that take me three times as long as TLG to complete. Plus their work product is stellar. Having her team on your team is BOSS move investment to take your business to the next level!”


I loved working with Tasha and her team."

“Not only were they creative, efficient and time-efficient, Tasha brought her expertise to every call and meeting. My website and collateral material are professional and the design, colors and layouts are an extension of my brand. Tasha made the process simple and easy and I was grateful for her patience as she taught me about the many ways I could amplify my business. Without reservation, I would recommend Tasha for any person trying to take their business to the next level.”


I started working with the Launch Guild about 3 months ago at this point and I just can’t tell you what a difference it has made for me personally and my sanity and balance in my life, as well as in the business."

After the first 3 months, I can say that it definitely paid for itself. It has just been night and day in the amount that we as a business have been able to get done…They definitely know their stuff. Tasha is amazing. Their whole team is amazing. So I can’t recommend them enough!”


The professionalism of The Launch Guild is unparalleled. Not only do things get done on time, but they are done even better than I could imagine."

“The Launch Guild has an amazing way of making your processes more efficient and saving you money (they helped me find the cheapest scheduler for my company). Their work is thorough, and they are so kind. The Launch Guild is a true joy to work with. I can't recommend them enough!”


They genuinely care and I really enjoy the energy and vibe that all team members radiate."

“Being a brand new entrepreneur, I did not have a clue what I needed. Not only did I get business savvy advice, I got a caring team that was truly interested in my success! I went from the corporate world to starting my own coaching business and they were instrumental in getting me launched. They genuinely care and I really enjoy the energy and vibe that all team members radiate. My kind of peeps!! The fact that they can handle all aspects of support is great, especially as a new business owner. My experience has been top notch. Really could not have done it without Tasha’s team and I am very grateful.”


The minute I began working with Tasha and her team, it felt like a boulder had been taken off of my back."

“Now I was the one being “project managed,” and while this led to a lot of work, I was so relieved to have an experienced team handling technical details, offering guidance and holding me accountable.”


Tasha is an excellent collaborator, seamlessly integrating to existing teams and ready to recommend highly qualified people (on her team or not!) to fill gaps when needed."

"Working with Tasha was a pleasure! There seemed to be no task, big or small, that she and her team weren't ready to take on for me, often with rapid turn around. Especially when it came to launching and producing the first season of my podcast, I had Tasha and her very capable squad of copy writers, graphic designers, and editors taking care of the minutia that could have overwhelmed my already packed schedule if I didn't have her team on hand. Tasha is an excellent collaborator, seamlessly integrating to existing teams and ready to recommend highly qualified people (on her team or not!) to fill gaps when needed. I highly recommend her services!”


Working with TLG made the whole difference for me on this launch."

“Most of my audience knows [my program] and have already had the chance to take it two times before. So I didn’t know where the new students were going to come from or how I was going to reach my goal of 100. I think the ads and all the extra parts that TLG provides completely made the difference. You all paid for yourselves times 5.

I am grateful you all exist. I do not know how you do this job you do because it seems to require about a million skills plus being in launch mode on an ongoing basis… the champagne is being popped to you all the very most.”


Tasha is passionate about serving her clients and you can see this in the results that she consistently gets for her clients."

Tasha and I immediately hit it off, because she is dedicated to processes, which allows her to surround herself with the best which ultimately helps to generate results for her clients. She has a really unique perspective because she not only is working in the trenches with her clients, but she herself has her own course division… She understands the feelings that her clients are going through so she can support them better. Hands down, I would recommend Tasha and her team to work on your next project!”


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