Please note, many of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. These commissions help to support the creation of the free content I produce — like my podcast! My promise to you is that I only recommend that which I use and love and I am super grateful for your support!

Dubasdo is a Client Relationship Management System that allows us to create lead capture forms, send contracts, invoices, new client questionnaires, and create workflows to automate the process! Basically, it’s how we run the Launch Guild in less admin time!

dubsado - CRM & Your Biz Bestie!

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Business Basics

Squarespace was created by designers so every single template is built to be visually appealing. As I tell people all of the time “it’s really hard to make a Squarespace site look bad!. Their drag and drop builder means that you can create a beautiful website in days instead of weeks! No coding knowledge needed!

squarespace - Website Design & Hosting


In the online world we work in where clients can span multiple time zones, scheduling sometimes can feel hard but Acuity makes scheduling with clients a breeze! I recommend the Emerging Plan which allows your clients to choose their time zone!

acuity - Online Scheduling System


My CFO introduced me to Gusto and I’m so glad she did! It makes payroll so super easy to run and the best part is that, on your payday, they send you this super fun email congratulating you for getting paid! lol! Also, you can even run contractor payments via the platform! Seriously so easy!

** Use my link and get a $100 Amazon Gift card when you run your first payroll!

GUSTO - For Payroll Processing


I seriously don’t know what I do without Zoom! I’m on it at LEAST 20 times a week and use it for everything from Team Meetings to Discovery Calls to Podcast Recording to Webinars! It’s 100% essential!

Zoom - For Video Conferencing & Podcast Recording

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We use GSuite as our home base for client files, SOPs and other documents as well as our email system for every member of our team. Google Drive integrates well with so many things but Asana and Slack are our favorite integrations!

GSuite - Email, Docs, & File Storage


Lastpass is an easy way for me to share passwords with my team and clients to share passwords with us while keeping them protected. 

Lastpass - Password Protection


If you see something created by The Launch Guild, chances are it’s been turned into a template in Canva. Canva makes designing beautiful graphics, downloads, and presentations a breeze! Canva Pro is only $9.95 per month is a MUST HAVE!

Canva - Graphic Design Platform


Everyone wants a pretty Instagram feed and Planoly makes that a snap. In it, I’m able to plan out my IG Feed, save my hashtag segments for easy adding, schedule my posts, and check my analytics! Can’t get any easier!

Planoly - Instagram Visual Scheduler


Project Management & Team/Client Communication

At this point, I think I’ve tried almost every project management platform and still I always end up coming back to Asana. Asana is easy enough for solopreneurs but robust enough to handle my ever growing and evolving team.

Asana - Project Management

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My team and I use Slack as a real time chat platform that allows you to talk internally as well as sometimes with clients. We can also do things like send files, upload documents and so much more. Slack integrates with things like Asana, Google Drive, Teamwork, Zoom…the list goes on. 

Slack - Online Team & Client Communication

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I use loom to record walkthrough videos during and at the completion of client projects and to record videos to turn into SOPs. Looms Chrome extension makes it super easy to click a button and record and then creates a link so you can send it on it’s way!

Loom - Video Recording

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Slack and Email are great but sometimes you just need to talk it out. That’s where Voxer comes in! This app allows you to send and listen to messages (both verbal and written) in real times.

Voxer - Walkie Talkie Smartphone Messaging App

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To Process Recurring Payments

While I LOVE Dubsado, one of the things that I don’t love about it is how difficult it makes it to create recurring payments. Moonclerk solves that by allowing us to make beautiful, on brand recurring payment forms for our clients that seamlessly integrate with our other systems.

Moonclerk - Recurring Payment Form Creation

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While we do also use Paypal, I’ve found Stripe to be a bit more customer focused and friendly. Add the fact that they make it easy to create recurring payments and they’re definitely our choice. Like most other payment processors, cost is 2.9% +$.30 per transaction.

Stripe - Payment Processor

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You can probably guess that I’m hugely into course & funnel building tools and, while that’s true, I have concentrated my energy on a few that I absolutely head over heels love and recommend as a great way to streamline your systems and get a great bang for your buck!

If you’re looking for an all in one tool, this is it. Earlier in 2019 we moved our email list, landing pages, and course platform from using 4 platforms and condensed into just this one and it’s been a game changer! AND, making this switch to Kartra saved me over $300 per month!

Kartra - All-In-One Marketing Platform for Email List, Landing Pages, Affiliate System, & Courses/Memberships

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We host all of our course videos in Vimeo and easily embed them in our Kartra course pages. Vimeo pro starts at only $5 per month and has exactly the amount of storage you’ll most likely need.

Vimeo - Video Hosting

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Over the last year, I’ve grown my email list from under 500 to over 4000 and guess what my highest converting lead magnet is… a quiz! Try Interact allows you to create easy and fun quizzes and integrates with your other platforms so you can take your audience from quiz to lead to sale in no time!

TryInteract - Quiz Building (Great for Lead Generation)

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What do you do when there’s not a way for 2 of your platforms to natively talk to or connect with each other? You use Zapier to create a Zap! Think of it as the glue that holds all of your platforms together!

Zapier- Connecter of #AllTheThings

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While any video editing software has a learning curve, Screenflow has a great support system and robust how to library. I’ve used it for years now, have recorded all of my courses on it, and continue to love it.

Screenflow- Video Recording & Editing

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You’ve heard of Samcart but have you heard of Thrivecart? If not, then listen up! Thrivecart is a platform that helps you to create checkout pages and take payments for physical and digital products and well as subscriptions and services. It integrates with your email list and other online tools and can house your affiliate center! Pretty nifty!

Thrivecart - Checkout Page & Affiliate Platform

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Drift helps you drive conversations by allowing potential clients to ask questions via chat at the most crucial points in the sales process…right before they buy! You can place Drift on you sales pages, checkout pages, anywhere you want to be able to help your clients make the best buying decision for them.

Drift- Chat Box

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Not everyone checks their email and even when they do, your emails may go to spam. Manychat is a Messenger Bot system that helps you connect with you potential clients through FB Messenger automations helping you to better meet them where they’re at!

ManyChat- FB Messenger BOT

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Podcasting is pretty labor intensive but it doesn’t have to be tool intensive. We only use a few key tools to record and manage our podcast as well as those of our clients.

This mic has been with me from my first course launch all the way to now! It’s an oldie but a goodie with a great price point and awesome sound quality.

try this mic

People ask me all the time what I recommend for podcast hosting and Acast is definitely it! It’s super streamlined and uncomplicated with analytics that are easy to read! I use Acast to host my own podcast and recommend it to all of our podcast clients.

acast - Podcast Hosting & Analytics


We use Temi to transcribe the our clients episodes so that our copywriters can then create the show notes. Temi is transcribed by an AI Bot so the transcription isn’t always 100% accurate but, for only $.10 per minute we’re ok with having to do a bit of editing!

Temi- Transcription Service

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Have you ever wondered how people make those fun audio graphics for social media that have little snippets of their podcast? This is how! And would you believe that you can do it all for free?!

Headliner App- AudioGraphics

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You need podcast music, this place has it, easy as that! Storyblocks is a great place to find thousands of pieces of audio for one low price!

Storyblocks - Podcast Music

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When it comes to improving your bottom line, continuing education is key. The course, personality, and marketing resources I’ve listed below are all by people and companies I believe in!

If you love working with coaches, course creators, and other types of business owners who launch often AND you’re ready to lead and manage then Project Manage Like A CEO is perfect for you! Nicole Jackson Miller breaks down each part of creating a project plan and leading a team. I still use the course content often as a resource!

learn more about pm like a ceo

This Certification is so well done and jam packed with EXACTLY what you need to become a sought after Director of Operations! 

“You’ll graduate from the program with all the operations know-how and resources you can imagine, PLUS a fully formed business structure designed to fit your unique goals, lifestyle, and purpose.”

learn more about the certification

If you’ve thought about specializing in Podcast Production and/or Management then Lauren’s course is for you! I’ve had several students go through this course and they’ve all given rave reviews. Everything from editing to show notes to landing your first client and more is taught in this easy to follow and easy to implement course!

learn more about becoming a podcast manager

Unlike other personality tests, the Kolbe-A measures what action you would take if you were acting as yourself. I love this assessment so much that I have every one of my team members take it so that they can learn how best to show up and also how to better support our clients.

take the kolbe-a

Have you ever wondered why a marketing strategy that works for someone else isn’t working for you? It could be because they’re a different personality type. My friend Brit Kolo has created an amazing resource will her full Marketing Personality report. You’ll learn how to show up as your authentic self based on your personality type which makes marketing and selling feel easier and more aligned.

learn your marketing personality

4 Mistakes Coaches & Course Creators Make As They Scale Their Launches

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