Superstars may take the stage alone, but behind the scenes, there’s a top quality team supporting them.

We see you.

You’re a star. You’re meant to me known, to be heard, and to effect change like no other.

You’re brilliant. You understand what you need to do to get where you want to go and you’re not afraid to show up and do the work.

But, right now, you’re doing ALL the work.

As the visionary and the CEO of your business, you’ve taken on so many tasks and responsibilities to make sure everything is being handled.

We’ve got good news; the days of you being in charge of EVERYTHING are over.

People think that having your own business gives you freedom but the truth is,
it gives you responsibility.

What provides freedom? Having an amazing team you can count on.

When you have a high quality team, you have the freedom to take a deep breath and feel confident knowing that everything is handled.

Welcome to The Launch Guild. I’m Tasha Booth, Founder and CEO, and I’m so glad you’re here.


The Launch Guild is the digital support agency for leaders and entrepreneurs who are
making a mark on the world.

Don’t let our name fool you; we handle a whole lot more than launches.

I started my online journey back in 2016 as a blogger and then built a very successful virtual assistant business. After 6 months, I was so booked that I could no longer do it alone, so I decided to expand my business into a full fledged agency.

My team and I have supported online entrepreneurs with everything from podcast development to systems creation, from daily business management to 6-figure service launches.

Our priority? Making sure the leader feels supported and that nothing slips through the cracks.

Being a brand new entrepreneur, I did not have a clue what I needed. Not only did I get top notch, business savvy advice, I got a caring business that was truly interested in my success! I went from the corporate world to starting my own coaching business and they were instrumental in getting me launched.
— Wendy Lee, CEO LeadHERship Revolution

The work of support is more than just busy work to us. We know that this stuff has to be done and while we love doing it what we love even more is knowing that we’re part of a team of world changers.

Not only do we take care of all the day to day tasks, but we also believe in your vision and thrive knowing we’re helping you achieve it.

What may we handle for you?

✔ Online Business Management
✔ Customer Support
✔ Systems Management
✔ Course Launch Support
✔ Podcast Management

Ready to hire your dream team?


10 Things You Didn't Realize You Wanted To Know About Me Until Just...NOW!

Launch Guild - Tasha Booth - VA Services-9 (1) (1).jpg

6 | I really want a pet goat but my husband says "no".
7 | I take at least 1 karaoke work break per day. #musicaltheatre
8 | My favorite TV shows are American Ninja Warrior, Drunk History, Law & Order, CSI Miami, & NCIS Los Angeles
9 | I have an organic garden and have grown everything from sugar snap peas to collard greens to corn.
10 | I started out in the online world as a "Healthy Frugal Living" blogger.

1 | My Kolbe-A Score is 5-5-8-2
2 | I believe that tater tots are a food group.
3 | I teach bootcamp every Saturday morning. (to work off the tater tots)
4 | I've completed 5 Spartan Races (sprint & super distances)
5 | I only believe in running if I'm in immediate and imminent danger!