I’ve had a lot of agency owners ask me the same thing, “How can I get more comfortable with being on camera?” And I’m super glad they asked! The fact is, showing up online is simply a part of being a course creator, coach, or online business owner, (especially if you’re building a personal brand). Building your on-camera confidence comes with the job, so the more you practice the better you’ll be, naturally.

Once you’ve accepted that, the next step is knowing that it takes some effort, but it’s not hard to build up your on-camera confidence. And, the best part is, you have the tools to do it! 

Social media is a great way to connect, build relationships, and grow an audience of future buyers. But it means you have to share your personality and knowledge with the world. Showing your face on camera is a major booster to building a loyal online following. Wanna know why?

Because people buy from people.

They buy from people they trust, people they can name, people they know are worth it. It’s your job to let them know that you are that someone they can trust. Let them know your name. And let people know that you are worth it, 10x over! 

Building on-camera confidence is not easy for A LOT of people, so if you’re hesitant to go live, show up on Stories, or film a new Reel, here are my tips for building on-camera confidence.

Start with a Plan!

Every agency owner needs a plan. A plan keeps everyone on the same page, makes sure deadlines are met, and it makes sure you are stress-free when you’re going to be on camera. Part of building your on-camera confidence is making sure you have everything you need to put your best foot forward. If you try to wing it every time, you may end up tripping over yourself. With a plan, you know exactly what you’re going to say, so you say it 😄

When you start planning your content, write out an outline or a plan for any time you’re on camera. You just need a brief reminder of what you’re talking about and why. 

You don’t need a full-on script 🙅🏽‍♀️ I find that a script makes me sound very robotic and stiff. I don’t want to sound like I’m reading a presentation, I want to sound like me! Fun, informative, and confident. But I also don’t want to wing it, so I give myself some guidelines. 

For example, if you’d like to hop on Instagram live with a few tips to nurture your audience, here’s an easy structure:

  1. Introduce the topic, consider using a question for a hook: “Are you struggling with [blank]? here are my top tips for making [blank] quick and easy”
  2. Quickly introduce yourself with a help statement: “My name is… and I help [your ideal client] to [what goal you help them achieve].
  3. Talk about Tip 1
  4. Talk about Tip 2
  5. Talk about Tip 3
  6. Conclude, re-list the three tips, and give them ONE call to action. Mention your paid product, tell them to download your free lead magnet, ask them to leave a comment, take your pick!

Look Good, Feel Good!

I’ll be the first one to say, you DO NOT have to go full-glam to show up on camera. You can show up entirely as yourself, no filter, no makeup – none of that is required to give value to your audience. All you need is yourself 🥰

BUT, if you’re lacking a bit of on-camera confidence, and sprucing up your look makes you feel good, do it! Put on your favorite eyeliner, throw on some lipstick, and get this party started. Or, if you’re feeling fun, just pick your favorite filter. I love anything natural looking that gives me a bit of blush ☺️ 

So don’t let not feeling “camera-ready” stop you from showing up. You’re amazing just as you are. Show up however you want to show up, and your audience will love seeing you in whatever form you want to share with them. 

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Pump Up the Jam!

Pre-camera jitters are definitely a thing. Your nerves can build up and freak you out while you’re waiting to start your next webinar at 12 o’clock on the dot. So my favorite thing to do is shake em out! 

Sometimes we all just need something to hype us up before we do something scary. Just like how you hype yourself up before a date with a new person or before you speak in front of a crowd of important people, use your secret weapon confidence booster to get you excited. I know you have a playlist, and I know Megan thee Stallion is on it 😜 So just before you hit record, throw on your favorite dancing playlist and rock out! 

Or, if you’re not into dancing, you could listen to a motivational speech on Youtube, or do a quick meditation. Whatever gives your on-camera confidence a boost. Think this sounds a bit silly? Trust me, it’s not. We all do it. This is all about YOU. What do YOU need to feel like your most confident self? Remember, the more you show up and share your expertise, the more your audience can benefit from it and the more excited they’ll be to jump into your paid offers.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Getting on camera gets easier with time- so get those reps in! Make sure to schedule a few on-camera moments when you’re planning out your marketing schedule. Start with something you’re confident in, like the topic you KNOW you’re an expert in. Then, once you’ve got that under your belt, you can branch out with more topics and maybe even different platforms. 

Where you share your content is also important. If there is a group, platform, or medium that feels like a safer space to show up in, start there. Go where you feel comfortable, then start exploring and branching out. But starting off with a good community is key. You could even consider making a Facebook group with your biz besties! You could all practice going live and support each other in your on-camera confidence journey.

Building your on-camera confidence is a journey, and it can be some time before you’re as confident as you want to be. But that’s why we’re here to help you. The online business community is full of amazing women entrepreneurs who are just waiting to cheer you on. So shake out those jitters and hit “record!” We’re waiting for you 🤗

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