Have you ever found yourself neglecting your audience while you’re in between launches? You want to stay connected with your followers, but you have no idea what to post. I know the feeling, it’s the worst. Fortunately, after navigating many between-launch stretches, I‘ve figured out a few solutions. And because it works for me, I’m going to share it with you, because that’s just what I do! 💁🏽‍♀️

Maybe your next project isn’t ready yet and you don’t want to shove your evergreen services down their throats. We want to give the people some value, right?! (Not just endless “buy my thing” posts)

You need genuine content that your audience can engage with. That way, when you do have something to launch, your audience hasn’t forgotten about you. So what exactly would those posts look like?

Good news! We’ve got four kinds of social posts that keep your followers engaged in between launches:

  1. Saveable Visuals 
  2. Quick Win Carousels 
  3. Niche-Specific Reels 
  4. Client Testimonials 

It might sound like a lot, but really every one of these posts are fairly simple. Better yet, they work. And I’ll show you how they keep my audience engaged with my content, even if my next launch is weeks away. 

Saveable Visuals

If we’re going to work with the algorithm, we have to think of what it likes. And algorithms love “saves.” Each save tells the algorithm, “I really like this person and they’re content, so I’m gonna save this post so I can come back to it.” Then, the algorithm boosts your content to more people who will engage with your post. 

So what is “saveable?” Think charts, graphics, and bite-sized visuals of digestible but useful snippets of your expertise. People like to be able to see their information, so paint them a picture 👩🏾‍🎨

Here’s an example of a saveable visual we posted at The Launch Guild to help our followers better prepare for an (almost) stress-free launch: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRRU_1XtjLE/

Quick Win Carousels

Ok so in this day and age, we’re dealing with short attention spans. More people are willing to grab some quick knowledge while they scroll through Instagram than they are to read a blog-level caption. 

So give your audience quick wins. 

Take this post, for example, three quick inspirational quotes that work for your audience, and an eye-catching title card to draw them in. You want to be able to educate your audience without boring them. How can you break your post into 3-5 parts or main parts? 

And scrolling through multiple pictures in a Carousel counts as increased engagement because they’re spending more time on your post for longer. Plus, Instagram will often show your Carousel to followers more than once by showing different slides at different times, which means more chances for people to see your content. 

Niche-Specific Reels 

So this kind of post is #relatable without all the cringe. You can do that by being genuine and not trying so hard. Remember, you don’t have to go viral to connect with your audience. 

Reels are the perfect tool to capture quick moments that make your audience feel closer to you. Especially if they’re funny, you totally get bonus points for humor! 

I know, I know, creating a Reel might feel outside your comfort zone, but the good news is that you can practice when no one is watching! Unlike going live, you can record several drafts of your Reel before you edit and post. So give it a try! It can be refreshing (both for us AND our followers) to not take ourselves so seriously, even as business owners.

Tik Tok and Instagram have made it really easy to hop on to trends and make it your own. All you have to do is save a trending sound, take a look at how other creators are using it, and apply it to your topic. Get creative! The more fun you’re having the better. Here’s an example of a Reel that’s just as fun to make as it is to watch.

Client Testimonials 

Whether you’re about to buy a new blender or try a new coffee shop, what’s one of the first things most of us do? Check their reviews! We want the best of the best, right? So does your audience! So how do we tell other people that we’re the best at what we do? 

With ✨Client Testimonials✨ 

Client testimonials are perfect little blurbs of genuine praise from real and genuine customers. Potential customers are more likely to purchase from you if someone else said they had a great experience with you. These are the same people who read Yelp reviews and Google the menu before they get to the restaurant. 🙋🏽‍♀️

So how do we make a testimonial post-worthy? 

Dress it up! Make it cute and eye-catching – something people can come back to when they want to buy a service from you. Remember, your social profiles are one of the main places potential customers will visit to learn more about your experience and credibility. Take a look at how we dressed up this client testimonial (it’s one of my favorites).

So there you have it! Try adding these four posts to your social media strategy and see how your audience engages with them. Track your metrics for a few weeks and see how they do. 

These kinds of posts will keep your audience growing and engaging so they feel ready to buy when you’re ready to launch! So make sure to keep track of follower count, saves, and the amount of traffic you’re getting to your site from Instagram. 

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