You don’t need a super complicated launch to bring in the big bucks 💸 Simple launches can be incredibly successful too. You don’t always have to have bells and whistles to attract clients and customers. And don’t get me wrong, bells and whistles are great, but a 7 figure course launch is made with the clients in mind. 

We recently worked with an AMAZING client on a launch. She hit 7 figures easily and it was because she provided meaningful and educational content to her community. 

Let’s call this person “Daisy.” Daisy did everything right so I want you to bust out your CEO notebook and get to work. Make sure you do these three things on your next launch plan. 

Nurture Your Community

Daisy’s launch was successful because she knew her audience. She knew what they wanted, what they needed, and where they were. Daisy spent years in the finance industry and she was sharing what she knew with her audience. And she was sharing wayyyyy before her launch started. Which is amazing! Having educational content and sticking to a regular posting schedule made her a reliable expert in her field. Let’s take a look at what Daisy used to build her audience. 

How Daisy Built Her Audience

  • She strategically built up her email list up
  • She posted educational content on her YouTube channel

Email lists and YouTube channels are great communication tools to have in your arsenal. An email list gives you a direct line of communication to your community so you don’t have to depend on Facebook or Instagram (in case of a blackout like we saw before 👀). And YouTube allows you to share educational content with your community and beyond! Content on YouTube is saveable and shareable. As long as you nurture your audience and interact with them, you’re sure to grow your channel in no time! And the more loyal subscribers you have, the closer you are to a 7-Figure Course Launch! 

The Takeaway: Whether it’s YouTube or another platform, pick a place where you can create a consistent connection with your audience and nuture them when you’re NOT in launch mode. Then be sure to funnel all of those visitors and viewers on to your email list with a great freebie opt-in!

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Prep Your Audience 

Ok so YOU may be an expert in your field but not everyone else is. Especially if your audience is coming to you because you provide educational content. They’re learning from you. With that in mind, sometimes you have to educate and prep your audience. Get them ready for your next big thing by providing them with the context they need to be excited about it. 

That can mean giving just a little bit more in your freebie offers. We never want to give away too much information all at once, but we also don’t want to hold back so much that no one is excited to learn from you. It’s about finding that sweet spot in the middle that keeps you and your clients happy.  

Let’s use Daisy as an example again. She specializes in budgeting for business owners and her 7-figure course launch was all about how to make your money work for you, but a lot of her future clients are new to financial literacy. If she’s going to be teaching her audience how to make their disposable income work for them, they need to know how to manage their disposable income in the first place! So her freebie was a free webinar on how to create a sustainable budget for your business. 

By creating a launch-specific offer, her freebie gave her clients the context they needed to be interested in her paid offer. Take a look at your next launch runway plan and think about what your future clients might need in order to purchase some of your higher ticket products.

The Takeaway: In the weeks leading up to your launch, refine your content and opt-ins to start focusing on topics closely related to your upcoming course. What does your audience have to know, believe, or understand in order to get the most out of your paid program? Turning subscribers into buyers is a process that can begin well before your webinar or sales event.

Add a Personal Touch 

People tend to trust small businesses because of the human element you get when working with them. By letting your audience get to know you on a 1:1 level, you’re solidifying their trust in you. 1:1 text, calls, meetings, and voice messages are great ways to create loyal clients. 

Here at The Launch Guild, we use a tool called VideoAsk where people can ask us questions directly. VideoAsk is a great way to create 1:1 time without giving out your personal information to every client who wants to chat with you. And because of the trust we were able to build with these clients, we were able to secure more sales! It helped that my team and I could prove that we were actual people with actual experience and not three kids in a raincoat 😂

Take a look at the VideoAsk website and see if you can use it to build relationships with your future clients. 

The Takeaway: No matter how big or small the launch, remember that people love buying from PEOPLE. Showing how you care about your individual buyers and making time to create human connection with your audience can go a very long way! Whether that’s videos, DM replies, commenting back or responding to your live chat, you can serve the masses while also connecting with individuals along the way.

Daisy’s launch was a success because she was personable, her content was educational, she nurtured her audience for months. She didn’t need any extra bells or whistles to get her 7-figure course launch. She made over a million dollars in a week, but that came from the effort she put in for many weeks prior in showing up, serving her audience, and being herself while providing a helpful service. She helped countless people with her free content, so by the time she had a paid offer, her audience knew it was going to be amazing!

Take a look at your next launch plan (and pre-launch plans) and see if you can add a few more actions similar to Daisy’s. Maybe your ideal client is just waiting for your YouTube debut. Either way, start showing up and serving your people today and it will surely pay off during your launch in the future!

We helped Daisy to have a successful and enjoyable launch. Want our team to help you do it, too?

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