Ever feel like your social media following is always looking but not buying? They’ll like your posts, engage with your stories, but they never seem to buy a course. And it’s not making sense – you have the audience, why don’t you have any clients?

The Launch Guild Team and I talk all day about building an audience, because you get interested clients from your audience. So it can be weird to see yourself have the audience and not have the sales to reflect it. 

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. And over the years we’ve found that there are 3 reasons why your social media followers are looking but not buying. Check them out and see if you can make any adjustments to your social media selling strategy 🤳🏾

Too Much Showing, Not Enough Telling 

So you may think you’re doing everything right – you’re posting everyday, you’re sharing tips and tricks, and you’re building that trust factor people need to feel before they buy. But your followers are looking but not buying. So, ask yourself, do they even know what you’re selling? Take a look at your posting schedule and count up how many paid offer promos you have lined up. Chances are, you need more, if you’re posting any at all 👀

You are doing the right thing by showing up for your audience – but now it’s time to show up for yourself too and start selling. Or, if you’re not ready yet, start inviting them to get into your funnel, if you have one. You could be collecting emails, delivering freebies, and sending out newsletters to your community. Building a huge audience that never actually hears about what you offer is not going to move your business forward the way you want it to. 

Something us entrepreneurs have to remember is that selling is service! Why? Because when people work with you on a paid level, they get deeper support, and can get even better results to reach their goals. You get compensated for your expertise, they buy-in and commit to the transformation with their dollars, and everyone wins 🥳 So get out there, go serve your community and SELL! 

There’s No Clear Path From Follow to Purchase 

If you are telling people you have something to sell, how easy is it for potential clients to actually buy from you? Think about it, after someone starts following you, what’s their next step? How easy is it for them to learn more about the offer details? 

This might seem silly. “If they really wanted to work with me, they’d DM me or email me. I’m not that hard to reach.” But people nowadays love convenience. And if you don’t have a conveniently placed sales page set up for them, future clients could simply give up. Once they feel like they’re looking too hard for you, they’ll drop out and forget about you. Make it easy for people to find your freebies and offers, and then download and buy them.

Here are three things you can do to make this process easier for your clients: 

  1. Keep your Link in Bio up to date on your Instagram. That means keeping up with event links, sales promos, and deleting archived offers. 
  2. TEST your landing pages on your phone – your free ones and your paid ones. And make sure your buttons work! More people skip this step than you think and it’ll save you a lot of headache in the long run. 
  3. Use those CTAs often. Pop them into post captions and when you speak to your audience. Something like,  “Tap the link to bio a consult call with me today!” “Enrollment is open, swipe up to join us!” And don’t worry about being too much. People won’t see every post anyway and there’s nothing wrong with regular reminders of how people can work with you 🤗
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You’re Talking to Your Audience But They’re Not Listening

If you feel like you’re doing ALL THE THINGS but still not seeing traction with purchases from your audience, maybe you’re not providing a service that your audience truly needs. It could be time to learn more about what they actually want your help with. And no, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it means it’s time to do some research 🧐 

You can do this by asking questions in your story, running polls, or hopping on a couple of market research calls with a few of your most engaged followers. Be open to new ideas and see if you can adapt to your audience‘s needs. The point of this research is to find out what they’re really looking for. And the answer might surprise you. It may not be what you think! 

There are so many factors that can keep your audience trapped in the cycle of looking but not buying. So make sure you’re not one of them. Get out of your own way and be prepared to attract all the amazing clients that need you. Good luck! We believe in you 🤩

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