Episode 4 Launch Team

Launching can be a lot of trial and error. We’ve seen plenty of clients run themselves ragged using strategies that just don’t work. But launching can be super simple, as long as you know the number one thing you need for a successful launch. Spoiler alert: It’s an engaged audience!

An engaged audience is the key to a successful launch. It’s the center of everything! Because an engaged audience is what makes up your email lists, webinar views, and client lists.

This week, Jayla Rae, Brianna, and Cara are discussing why an engaged audience should be your #1 priority when launching AND going over the Do’s and Don’ts to getting that engaged audience.

This Week We Talk About:

  • What an engaged audience looks like
  • What, exactly, does it mean to launch
  • What kind of metrics you should be paying attention to
  • How much is too much info to give away to your email list

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4 Mistakes Coaches & Course Creators Make As They Scale Their Launches

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