All of the launches we manage at The Launch Guild are typically anchored around what we call the Sales Event. That event can be anything from the webinar, challenge, Livestream, etc. This is where our client shares and teaches free content to their audience and then pitches their product. You’re probably running events like this too! So you know that the launch doesn’t end just because the event does. After the event is over, you’ll still want to take the actions that set your launch up for success and increase sales! ​​📈

Let’s take a look at your launch calendar. After the sales event, there’s the open cart period. That’s the few days after the event that you keep your check-out page open for anyone who didn’t buy during the Sales Event. These few days are crucial. We definitely encourage you to be sending emails to your list and invite them to join your program. Communicating with your audience is one of the most productive ways to increase your sales after a sales event. 

The types of emails you’re going to send are called “Sales Emails,” and while you are selling, you don’t just have to be saying “buy my thing” in every single email. You can personalize them! You can do that by telling stories, reiterating the benefits of your program, and more! So, here are 5 types of emails you can send to turn more of your hot leads into paying clients:

The Origin Story Email

Everyone loves a story. And chances are, if they’re watching your sales event, they want to know about your story too. So, give the people what they want! 

Start with something simple – how did you get to the place you are now? Write an email about your story and be sure to flex your qualifications. Let people know why you’re qualified to teach them. Flexing your expertise around an event is a great way to increase sales. 

Reminder: Your “qualifications” don’t have to be limited to fancy degrees. Sharing that you’ve gone through an experience and successfully got to your goal is enough to show how you’re ready to help others do the same. And don’t worry about telling the story a couple of different times. Even if you already shared this in your webinar or sales event, you can always share it again!

The FAQ Email 

This is a quick and easy one, and chances are, you can probably grab these right from your sales page! Grab the copy you have there, maybe throw in a few more from recent experiences, and shoot it out as an email. There’s always someone who needs an answer to a question before they buy from you, so make it easy for them. 

And never be afraid of putting the same information in more than one spot or medium. Better to have your FAQs everywhere, than to have your clients give up looking for it. Answering questions is a great way to increase sales after a sales event. 

What are some of the most common questions your leads have?

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The Money-Back Guarantee Email

Before buying a course or product, many people hesitate and think, “Is this program right for me?” “What if I’m not happy with the product, can I get a refund?” You can increase sales by giving your future clients a little more confidence in their spending. 🤝

Take some time to write an email to put your future clients at ease. Let your audience know if you have a money-back guarantee. OR, if you offer no refunds, that’s totally fine! Consider discussing a “satisfaction guarantee” or “happiness guarantee”. Elaborate in this email about who the program is perfect for and how you’re going to help them have a great experience. That way they feel a little more confident in their decision, whatever they decide to do. 

The Testimonial Email 

Testimonials make such a difference in the eyes of your future clients. It’s the same as reading the Yelp reviews before trying a new restaurant. People want to know they’re making the right choice, and they’re more likely to purchase from you if they know your previous clients have had a good experience with you. 👯‍♀️

In this email, you can share a client success story or grab a couple of direct quotes from previous students. Don’t be too specific about your work with your client, because you want them to maintain a certain level of privacy, but give just enough info to let the world know how good your work is. Proof of happy clients is a great way to increase your sales with content you already have. 

Screenshots of positive social comments about your product or your work are great to share in an email too. Or, if your product is new, grab a testimonial from a previous product or service, those still count!

The Bonus “Focus” Email

Is there a certain Bonus you’re offering with your course that’s extra juicy? Then it’s time for a spotlight email! In this email, you’re going to elaborate on why this particular bonus is so great for your future clients – especially if it helps address a common objection that your clients face when they’re trying to reach their goals. 

And if you’re not offering Bonuses with your course, no worries, put the spotlight on something else. Pick a module or deliverable of your program that you feel is going to be particularly impactful and share why.

Everyone wants to meet their big sales goals after a sales event, so try reaching for it during this open cart period with these sales emails. Following up and communicating with leads is always a good thing, whether they buy or not. The worst thing that can happen is your leads are extra informed about your course or product. The best thing that can happen is you increase your sales and meet your dream goals. 

Pro tip: Try these emails out on your next sales events and see what sticks. Then, keep track of your email open Pro tip: Try these emails out on your next sales events and see what sticks. Then, keep track of your email open rates and your click rates to see which emails get the most engagement. That why you can factor it into your launch event and be better prepared for more purchases after your sales event ✨

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