This week we are covering a very important topic that a lot of clients have asked us about: how to deal with launch burnout. And that’s a hard question to answer because many course creators don’t realize they’re experiencing burnout until they’re right in the middle of it! 

We want to help you prevent launch burnout in the first place or at least help you steer clear of seeing it happen a second time. That’s why our hosts are opening up and discussing their own experiences with burnout and how they dealt with it. After all, our team often manages multiple launches per month, so launch stamina is a must-have for us!

This week Jayla Rae, Lindsey, and Brianna are covering how they’ve experienced their own launch burnout, where they’ve seen it pop up with launch clients, and what overcoming burnout actually looks like. They go over how to identify the signs of launch burnout, how to adjust your schedule when you’re in it, and how to set yourself up for burnout-free launches in the future. 

This Week We Talk About: 

  • What launch burnout looks like 
  • What you can do to prevent burnout 
  • How we prep and schedule self-care 
  • How to better communicate your needs with your team members 

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4 Mistakes Coaches & Course Creators Make As They Scale Their Launches

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