Do you find yourself exhausted after a live launch? Do you feel like you’re burning out but you have to soldier on anyway? Trust me, you’re not alone. Launching a course or program into the world means organizing a bunch of moving pieces and it takes a TON of energy to execute it all. Sometimes it just feels like too much! That’s why I want to help you prevent launch burnout. Because launching should be exciting – not draining. 

Some people loathe launching and do anything they can to avoid it because of how exhausted they are after all is said and done. At the end of the day, there are a million ways to sell an online program and launches don’t have to be for everybody BUT they still can be an incredibly effective way to grow your business and your audience all in one go!

However, all the money and growth isn’t worth the stress if your launch drains the life out of you. It’s time to find some peace, some calm, and some ease! There’s power in that. You CAN have a smooth yet powerful launch!

Launches don’t HAVE to be draining, we launch our own programs multiple times a year and help multiple clients to do the same every single month. We literally couldn’t do this if we were exhausted all the time. 

So, for the sake of myself and my team, I learned A LOT about what it takes to not resent your launch time and remain cool, calm, and collected the whole way through. Here are my top tips for avoiding launch burnout:

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Plan and Implement 

A healthy timeline is key to a smooth launch. You should be giving yourself and your team plenty of time to strategize and put all the pieces together. And I mean ALL the pieces. We’re talking about content planning, creation, and implementation. Usually, things like pages, emails, and live presentations all have to be created for a launch to flow and get your potential clients excited about working with you. Trying to do everything in 2 weeks is a recipe for disaster.

We usually give ourselves 8-12 weeks for an entire launch plan. Anything less than that and you have a full-blown disaster on your hands. Take the first two weeks to plan out everything you need. Use these two weeks wisely, they’ll help you survive the rest of your launch 🚀 

Say “No” to Multitasking as Much as Possible

Life doesn’t stop when you go into launch mode, but there are a few things you can do to lessen your load for a few days. You want to spend most of your time doing things like presenting on webinars or engaging regularly with potential clients in their DMs while your cart is open. You should not be scrambling to figure out dinner when you already skipped lunch and breakfast.

I see you! I know you skip meals during launch week! 👀

These seemingly little things, like figuring out dinner, can feel huge when they stack up. So from now on, plan for these daily tasks ahead of time, just like you would for any other task during a launch. 

This is about self-care! It’s one of the main components people forget to account for in their launch planning, but it’s so important.

Simple things like ordering your meals rather than cooking, asking a friend or family member to walk your dog or watch your little one for a few hours during the week, or grabbing some lovely shower steamers at the store so you can treat yourself to some relaxing aromatherapy on the days you need to show up most 🧖🏽‍♀️Whatever you need to lighten the load should be added to your personal launch plan. 

Ask yourself:

What are ways you can make space for yourself to FOCUS and fill yourself up when you know you’ll have to be at your best? 

No matter how big or small, taking them off your plate can be such a game-changer when you want to prevent launch burnout. 

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🎶 Celebrate good times, come on 🎶

When all is said and done, we all have to accept the reality of our launches. You may hit your launch revenue goals or you may not. C’est la vie.

Either way, if you showed up, pitched your product, and provided some value to your audience along the way, that’s something to be proud of! Whether you get 5 sales or 500+, we encourage you to pat yourself on the back and throw some confetti. Every launch can serve the next one. 

And if you want a peek into the future of your next launch, then try using a launch revenue calculator. It’s the perfect way to set reasonable expectations for yourself as a course creator, especially if you’re releasing a brand new course or product. Having these numbers on hand as your launching can be a game-changer. I know that having realistic expectations of my launch as I’m working on it, gives me the peace of mind I need to keep launch burnout at bay. Check out how to calculate your own launch revenue here! 

So what’s next?

Take a look at your last launch plan and reflect on what changes you can make going forward to prevent launch burnout. And while you’re doing that, remember these steps for IN-BETWEEN launches, too: 

  • Be consistent in showing up
  • Nurture your audience 
  • Plan ahead for the BIG launch pushes

When you have a consistent routine of showing up on social media, emailing your list, and growing your audience, you’ll see that you and your launches will perform better every. single. time. 

At the end of the day, launching should feel like an extension, and an expansion, of your business and marketing plan – and not like a massive contrast to what you regularly do. I want everyone to start thinking of launching as part of your business routine rather than this giant soul-sucking few weeks in your regularly scheduled work routine. By editing our prep to include realistic expectations of ourselves, while also incorporating intentional self-care and celebration, we can prevent launch burnout and look forward to launches instead of dreading them. 

Whether this is your 1st launch or your 100th, we want to make sure you don’t make any all too common mistakes. That’s why I’ve made this video detailing the most common mistakes I’ve seen first-time launchers make 

“4 Mistakes Coaches and Course Creators Make as They Scale their Launches”

This FREE video is more than a few tips and tricks. These are structural changes you can make during your launch so you’re not scrambling to clean up after any preventable mistakes. 


The Launch Guild is all about making course creators like you feel good about your launches while amplifying your impact. 

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4 Mistakes Coaches & Course Creators Make As They Scale Their Launches

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