Are you actively trying to grow your audience every day?

Or has your growth started to plateau? Attracting new clients without a growth plan can be hit or miss (mostly miss!). 

Perhaps you’re getting a few sales via referrals and you have some previous clients following you on social media, that’s great. But what about expanding your reach beyond your own network and followers? Having a real, concrete plan for building an ever-growing customer base can be a huge game-changer!

BUT, things are always changing. Algorithms, apps, and trending topics all come and go. That we know for sure. So let’s focus on what’s working right now. 

I’m gonna share with you, dear reader, what’s been helping me get my agency, The Launch Guild, and my coaching business,, in front of new audiences all the time. I’m talking about reaching hundreds, even thousands of new people consistently so that my reach, following, and business consistently grow, too.

Try these out and see if they work for you! I’ve been through a lot of trial and error but these 3 have been the best at consistently growing my audience.  

Podcast Interviews

Obviously, I love podcasting. I have a show myself, How She Did That, and I just wrapped up my recording sessions for season 6. 🥳 But I’m not here to tell you to start a podcast.

Do you know what’s really the ultimate audience booster? Being a guest on other people’s podcasts! Your own podcast is great for nurturing your audience but you want to reach beyond your audience. Everyone you know, already knows you. When you go onto someone else’s podcast, you get to reach their audience. That’s so many new eyes and ears! All ready to listen and learn from your expertise because you’re on a podcast they already love, a podcast whose host they already trust and listen to all the time. 

Trust me, it’s as amazing as it sounds. 

So let’s get you a guest spot on a podcast! The first thing you’re gonna want to do is pitch yourself. Make a list of all the podcasts you want to go on. Then connect with people who have a similar audience as you but provide them a different service. Make sure they’re not a direct competitor, otherwise, you’d just look like competition and you might not get picked to be a guest. 

For example, let’s say there’s a podcaster that focuses on motherhood and talks about what it’s like to be a new mother. If you’re a sleep training specialist that helps moms get their babies on a great sleep routine, that could be a great audience for you to delight in and educate. You’d be 

  • A Specialist and an Expert
  • Providing them with new and useful knowledge 
  • Helping your host instead of competing with them 

In your pitch, you want to show them how much of a win this is for both parties. Don’t talk about how much you want to grow your audience. Talk about how much their listeners can benefit from the expertise you’re providing. 

Once you’ve been picked and you’ve got your recording date, create a free resource for people to download. You want their audience to head over to your side of the internet. A free gift will sway them to click the link and type in their email address in exchange for your freebie. Now, these listeners got a free gift and you have all these new people on your list! 

Facebook Ads

Facebook in general is a great place to connect with customers and other business owners to grow your relationships. While organic reach for businesses is low on Facebook, it’s still a place potential customers go just to check for credibility, so be sure to get your Facebook page up with at least a few pieces of content. However, the real benefit of having your business on Facebook is being able to run ads! Facebook’s detailed targeting capabilities allow you to reach your current following, along with thousands of new potential customers at the tap of a button.

Pro tip: Reuse your content! 

You can grow your audience by reusing content over and over again. Chances are not everyone who follows you tuned into your last FB Live. So, reuse it! Increase your reach by running your recent FB live as an ad. It’s that simple! Facebook ads can get really complicated so if you don’t want to dive deep into all the tech, this is a great way to get started fast. 

Make sure your content has a call-to-action and include a link to your lead magnet so new watchers can start to learn more from you! Now, this ad you already planned to run collected email addresses for you, too. Think of what else you can post that puts in double the work for you. 

We consistently run ads straight to our freebie, too. YES, that means we pay to give something away for free. Why? Because we know that if we can get someone on our email list, they are far more likely to purchase from us in the future, so this is an investment in our growth, not just another expense.

If you’re just getting started with ads and you’d like to learn more about how to put your ad dollars to good use, fortunately, it’s one of the many things covered in our Build Your Audience Bootcamp. Once you sign up you’ll get access to our bonus masterclass that’s all about Facebook Ads! 

Instagram Reels

Nowadays, there are so many social media platforms that you can build a following pretty much anywhere online. But Instagram Reels are something special. Reels are giving people a lot of reach very quickly! This is awesome news, especially if you prefer to make video content. They can be funny or informative or just plain nice to look at, people will watch! 

Even if you’re not a video content buff, I still want to encourage you to turn your camera on, share your expertise, add a dash of your personality, and you’ll be good to go! Focus on being helpful. Gone are the days of needing to create perfectly curated content. These days, followers love to see content filmed in 20 secs straight from a phone camera, no frills needed. You’d be surprised how much you can educate and entertain in under a minute.

You can reach almost anyone on a lot of different social media platforms and mediums, but this particular medium is constantly going viral, giving people with small followings the chance to reach thousands of new people FAST (same with Tiktok! A newer platform, but one that blew up in the past couple of years and is a great place for video content.) Turn views into follows and sales by including a call-to-action in your captions like “follow me for more content about..” or “check out the link in my bio to learn more”.

Build an Audience Growth System

Posting on social media and connecting with your current followers is incredibly important, but so is getting in front of new potential customers who could benefit wildly from your expertise and offers!

And once you’re in front of new audiences, it’s key to have a juicy lead magnet so that you can grow your email list and turn someone like a podcast listener into a customer who is SO HAPPY they found you because your product is exactly what they were looking for.

Strategies like this one, and more, are exactly what we teach in our Build Your Audience Bootcamp

This bootcamp was made especially for coaches and course creators who are ready to build an engaged email list of dreamy ideal customers. We’ll help you to create an audience growth system that consistently works to bring people into your world so that you can start nurturing those subscribers and building real relationships with your future clients. 

Enrollment closes October 8th, 2021 so save your spot today! 

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