Hey there Course Creator! 

So you have an amazing course (or a few!) in your hands that would be perfect for your audience and have serious potential to grow your bottom line. You’re now likely facing one of two scenarios.

Scenario One) You’ve already launched these courses. These aren’t brand spanking new products, they’re your signature offers that your audience has already heard of. But you want to reach out to a new crowd and get people excited about your course all over again. 

Scenario Two) You’re bringing your idea to life for the first time. You’re launching something completely new and want to make sure it gets in front of the right people.

So we have to ask ourselves – how soon should you launch, or relaunch, your course?

It’s a great question. You put so much heart into creating this course, you want to reach as many people that need it as possible. And, of course, you want to keep earning from your work. 🤑

We at The Launch Guild have an answer for you. You want to pay attention to these three things: 

  1. Frequency 
  2. Market Growth
  3. Internal Planning 

Seems complicated? It’s actually super easy! You can easily track these three topics by asking yourself these three questions!

1) When was the last time you launched?

If this is the first time you’ve EVER launched ANYTHING, you can skip to Question 2 below. But make sure to save this post to re-read after your first launch. 

Ok, now for you launch veterans out there. If you recently launched, or relaunched, a product, whether or not it’s the same one you’re currently planning to launch again, how long ago did that happen?

In general, we recommend a minimum of 6-8 weeks between launches of different products, or 12 weeks if you’ll be relaunching the same product. 


Because you don’t want to burn out your audience. 

As you get more experienced with launching, you may feel better about stacking multiple launches closer together and planning the next one while you’re actively executing another. That’s great! It’s always a good idea to think ahead. Just make sure you’re SUPER familiar with launching before you start launch stacking so you don’t burn yourself out. 🥵

Our team at The Launch Guild actively plans and executes multiple launches with our clients every month! But, if you’re still getting used to launching on a regular basis, don’t be afraid to leave plenty of space. The less overwhelm the better. 

2) How much will your audience have grown by the time you launch?

Did you launch your course and then disappear? It’s ok, it happens to the best of us. But you want to stay relevant to your audience. Stay engaged with them and keep building on the relationships you started during launch week.

Because even if three months have passed since you last launched a product if you haven’t done anything to get in front of a new audience (or to nurture your current one with regular content, emails, or social posts), your audience may not be ready! You may be launching to the exact same group of people you did before. And, if it’s the same audience, and they haven’t deepened their relationship with you, they’re less likely to be ready to buy.

You’ll just be throwing the same thing at them and hoping it will stick. 

Before you think about launching, or relaunching, plan on nurturing the audience you have. You’re more likely to have buyers in your email list than cold-calling strangers. Show them some love! Build a relationship with your future clients. For some people, that’s the one thing they’re waiting for. They want to trust you, show them that you’re trustworthy. 🏅

Once you’ve nurtured your audience and consistently grown your email list, you’re gonna want to pull out your handy dandy ✨launch revenue calculator✨.

A launch revenue calculator is actually an evergreen tool in your arsenal, so whether this is a first-time launch or a relaunch, you can use our launch revenue calculator to come up with some projections for your launch. 

You want to take a look at how much you’ll really earn based on your audience size. Take a look at your numbers and decide if you need to do more audience building before your next launch. It’s the perfect way to keep realistic expectations for yourself while you’re launching. 

Creating realistic expectations is exactly what we help our clients do in our program, Build Your Audience Bootcamp 💪🏽 We like to avoid flopped launches as much as possible! If you are a coach or course creator who’s ready to build a thriving email list of ideal customers, then this is for you!

3) Are there any holidays or personal events/vacations to watch for? Plan ahead!

Keep an eye out for big holidays or holidays important to your ideal client where their attention is focused elsewhere.

Take a look at your own plans. Do you have any vacations scheduled? If you do, you might not want to plan a webinar cart open the day you get back from a trip when you need time to recover and get back in your work groove. 

Also, leave plenty of room not just for your actual launch, but launch preparation. Launching takes a lot of pre-planning and scheduling. Make sure you give yourself enough time to do it without burning yourself out. And be sure to check out our recommendations for a healthy launch timeline so that you don’t rush and end up wanting to pull your hair out trying to do all the things really quickly.

If you ask yourself these three questions the next time you go to launch a course, you’re sure to see some incredible results on launch day. Your audience will notice the difference and be so excited to work with you, they’ll be counting down the days to open cart day 😊

Do you want to grow your audience? 

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