This week Jayla Rae, Lindsey, and Brianna are covering how they’ve experienced their own launch burnout, where they’ve seen it pop up with launch clients, and what overcoming burnout actually looks like.


Episode 8 | What Launch Burnout Feels Like and How We Handle It

This week Brianna, Cara, and special guest, Lauren are breaking down how you can strategically prepare your social media with top-performing posts.


Episode 7 | Crowd Favorite Social Media Posts ft. Lauren Flowerday

This week, Brianna, Cara, and Lindsey are diving deep into their collective tech knowledge and letting you know what our favorite tech tools for launches are.


Episode 6 | Our Favorite Tech Tools for Launches

So your launch is coming up and you’ve got the jitters – launch jitters. You’re starting to get a little nervous and maybe a bit overwhelmed. That’s totally okay and normal! The nerves mean that you care and you’re excited for this to go well! And while I can’t guarantee everything will be perfect, I […]

Launch Preparation

How to Handle Launch Jitters

This week, Jayla Rae, Lindsey, and I talk about all the important team members that make up a launch team.


Episode 5 | Who Do You Need on Your Launch Team?

Episode 5 Launch Team Love Your Launch Podcast Episode

Here are 5 types of emails you can send to turn more of your hot leads into paying clients and increase sales

Launch Strategy

The 5 Types of Emails to Send During Your Next Launch to Increase Sales

This week, we’re discussing why an engaged audience should be your #1 priority for a successful launch AND how to get an engaged audience


Episode 4 | The #1 Thing You Need for a Successful Launch


Ever feel like your social media following is always looking but not buying? Definitely something to address to build a healthy business! The problem may not be what you think, so let’s talk about it.

Social Media Marketing

3 Reasons Your Social Media Followers are Looking But Not Buying

We’ll be giving you the inside scoop on our favorite timeless strategies and hot 2021 trends that we’ve seen work best for course creators


Episode 3 | Timeless Launch Strategies and Hot 2021 Trends

Let’s be honest, sometimes unrealistic goals keep us from seeing our true expectations. Let’s look at the goals you’re setting for yourself


Episode 2 | True Expectations